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[PDF] ✅ The Fall ✈ Robin Alexander – Connecfloor.co.uk Noel Savino has no problems attracting women After several failed relationships she's than happy to keep it casual Sunny Chase is willing to be another notch on Noel's bedpost after tragedy of her ownNg uncle have anything to say about it The only thing standing in their way is Noel’s niece Harper who is also captivated by one of the Chase women Love becomes a complicated family affair Robin Alexander’s latest romantic comedy has all the ingredients to warm you on the inside as you slip into The Fal

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Ting women After several failed relationships she's than happy to keep it casual Sunny Chase is willing to be another notch on Noel's bedpost after tragedy of her own Despite their playful intentions they find themselves poised to fall especially if Noel’s old school Italian mother and Sunny's cross dressi

ePub Ø The Fall Read Born in Robin Alexander grew up in Baton Rouge Louisiana where she still resides An avid reader of Lesbian fiction Robin decided to take the leap and try her hand at writing It didn't take long for her favorite hobby to become a full time author With nearly a dozen titles in print with Intaglio Publications Robin's books have fast become a favorite among fans of lesbian romance Robin.

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The FallPDF The Fall Robin Alexander Connecfloorcouk Noel Savino has no problems attracting women After several failed relationships she's than happy to keep it casual Sunny Chase is willing to be another notch on Noel's bedpost after tragedy of her own Noel Savino has no problems attrac

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  • Carrie

    ePub Ø The Fall Read The FallI listened to the audio version of this I did not enjoy the narration The eighteen ish year old girls sounded like they were 14 I did like the voice of the mother Inez That was it I may have liked and rated this higher had I read this myselfIt starts off with HS student Lydia having a crush on Harper She decides to crash her banner making session in order to get to know her A friendship blossoms and I think these

  • Corrie

    ePub Ø The Fall Read The FallWhat I love about Robin Alexander’s books is that there is no angst between the two main characters They meet dig each other’s weirdness fall in love and from then on it is them against the rest of their crazy familyfriends Oh and they communicate And with all the we’ve

  • Sprinkles

    ePub Ø The Fall Read The FallHow fitting I've finished the book of one favorite author Robin Alexander and tonight after proper Valentine's Day activities I'll start the book of anotherI thoroughly liked this book Of course since Alexander reliably delivers It didn't shoot me in the heart like previous titles but I got in some good laughs and romance Our main ladies for this one are Noel and Sunny and their first meeting in Noel's dentist office was stupidly cute In addition to them we have another love story It involves Harper and Lydia Noel's niece and Sunny's daughter respectively I appre

  • hubsie

    ePub Ø The Fall Read The FallWell my foray into this book started rather dramatically I downloaded this one solely due to my fan girling of narrator Lisa Cordileone and didn't even read the synopsis So I was really confused when the story started with a Lydia and a Harper who are clearly in high school and I was like oh stink is this a YA then the next chapter came a Noel and a Sunny followed very uickly by an Inez and Mary and Lauren and some forgettable dudes' na

  • Ted

    ePub Ø The Fall Read The FallWhat do you say It's Robin Alexander In this case you get not one but two romances This was the audio version for me this time as I'd read it before Narration was bang on I loved how she even did little laughs and chuckles and long island accents It really made the experience better So Loved it before and loved it again GR says I've read 27 RA books Yea I'm kinda a fan

  • C. Mack

    ePub Ø The Fall Read The FallAmusing and sweeteverything you would expect from Ms AlexanderIt took me a couple of chapters to get into but once I'd wrapped my head around the characters I found it a real pleasure to read A typical R A novel which means well written amusing and fun with a sweer romanceor romances in this case

  • Bobbi

    ePub Ø The Fall Read The FallThis is your typical face hurts 'cause you've been grinning like an idiot for an hour Robin Alexander book The book is full of uirky characters and laugh out loud dialogue but underneath it all is a warm story two stories about coming out at as a teenager and finding love later in life I think everyone needs an Uncle Ethan in their life Robin continues to be one of my favorite authors

  • Lisa R. Smith

    ePub Ø The Fall Read The FallI recommend this funny storyA romance with good main characters but great secondary ones Two women a safety officer and a dentist meet and fall in love but their families are what make this another Robin Alexander success The niece of one woman meets the daughter of the other both high school seniors and young love blooms The secondary characters are all eccentric kind and supportive One family is a gay uncle and Mother and daughter lesbians The second family well the second are Italians This book is a shorter read and is also on Audible

  • Maria

    ePub Ø The Fall Read The FallVery funny and cute Fast paced romance with the best parts of a coming of age story without having to suffer teenage attitude too much Actually really enjoyed this book

  • ~ * K E L L I E * ~

    ePub Ø The Fall Read The FallLast read for 2014 and it was sensationalI've said it before and I'll say it again Robin Alexander always manages to write at least one 'laugh out loud' moment into her books The Fall had many moments where I found myself grinning like a fool and laughing out loudThe Fall had a dual romance storyline NoelSunny and HarperLydia and the supporting characters provided a dose of humor throughout Who could keep a straight face at some of Uncle Ethan's antics and that of Inez Noel's Mother hiding out in the bushes spying on her neighbor A light sweet and enjoyable read I couldn't put it down and had to read it in one sitting