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Apocalyptic Australian landscape dominated by free wheeling cyborgs a young man searches for his lost lover who has been kidnapped by a rogue AI truck the Brumby King Along the way he teams with Sinnerman a cyborg truck with its own reasons for hating the Brumby King Before his final confrontatio.

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Trucksong[PDF / Epub] Trucksong By Andrew MacRae In a post apocalyptic Australian landscape dominated by free wheeling cyborgs a young man searches for his lost lover who has been kidnapped by a rogue AI truck the Brumby King Along the way he teams In a post.

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READ ´ Trucksong · ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Trucksong By Andrew MacRae ✩ – In a post apocalyptic Australian landscape dominated by free wheeling cyborgs a young man searches for his lost lover who has been kidnapped by a rogue AI truck the Brumby King Along the way he teams In a post apocalyptic Australian landscape dominated byN with the brumbies he must learn about the broken down world and his own place in it and then face his worst fears Wildly inventive moving and exuisitely written Trucksong is a coming of age story about how the only meaning to be found in a world in slow decay is that which you make for yourself..

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  • Zoeytron

    READ ´ Trucksong TrucksongThe bleakness of a post apocalyptic world is successfully captured here Australian style Although there are small pockets of people scattered about it is the trucks that have taken charge in this tale Self aware now the trucks run in packs have mates and are prone to show off their extensive sound systems in order to cow lesser trucks Interesting story that smacked of originality to me I liked the mutant creatures the flapples the metallic sna

  • Jason Nahrung

    READ ´ Trucksong TrucksongTrucksong is the debut novel from Melburnite Andrew Macrae and it's overflowing with coolness Intelligent trucks cruise a devastated Victoria looking for parts and AI in a machine meets mind post apocalypse and humans scavenge the best they can Brilliantly imagined linguistically adept with enough diesel and dust to smooth over that minor plot niggle I'll never look at Melbourne's grand Lie Bury uite the same way again A trucking good debut

  • Jason Fischer

    READ ´ Trucksong TrucksongI've gotta admit this ticked all of my buttons Trucksong is a weird mongrel of a book which uite deftly riffs against other brilliant stories written in the same genre It's got the devolved language and Punch and Judyesue culture of Riddley Walker the weird future Australiana of Terry Dowling's Rynocceros series and fleshy cybertech that looks like the broken arse end of Shadowrun In some parts this influence is a clear homeage in others it lends to outright mad invention author MacRae takes this blend into a twisted new direction Trucksong is as much of a juggernaut as the intelligent trucks it depicts blasting through a ruined Outback like the best 1970s road movie that never got made It's a short resonant bloody exce

  • Keith Stevenson

    READ ´ Trucksong TrucksongThis review originally appeared on the Newtown Review of Books dystopian stories have been popular for a long time now and seem increasingly so They allow us to play out our worst fears – climate collapse alien invasion zombie attack – while clinging to the hope that humanity in some form might survive Particularly in the YA area but in adult fiction TV and movies too many dystopias feature resourceful basically good protagonists fighting to save and nurture a society where human decency still has a place This is the territory of Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games books or Melanie Stryder of Stephanie Meyer’s non vampire novel The Host We even see it in shows like The Walking Dead Sure the characters have their dark moments and some go way off beam never to recover but most want to live in peace and rebuild what they hadThere is a strand of dystopia which is particularly strong in Australian writing that occupies a ambiguous space Part of the patter

  • Rjurik Davidson

    READ ´ Trucksong TrucksongThere was a time in my early twenties when I crossed the Nullabor plain about ten maybe eleven times Once I travelled in a beautiful big 1970s ford five of us crushed in and driving madly against a schedule Other times I crammed in mini buses filled with activists off to conferences ‘over East’ There were moments of beauty out in the desert – spectral fog lit up by the rising sun the massive thunderstorm that crashed and roiled overhead – and of horror such as when the road shivered with a plague of a million mice There were also long hours of terrible boredom with the kilometres stretched aheadAnd of course there were the trucks massive road trains that rose up like monstrous beasts storming out of

  • Corey White

    READ ´ Trucksong TrucksongUtterly uniue distinctly Australian science fiction Brilliant and inventive from beginning to end

  • Michelle

    READ ´ Trucksong TrucksongThis book uite appropriately completed an impressive journey via a rather roundabout route to finally reach me due to an eually impressive run of bad lu

  • Jane

    READ ´ Trucksong TrucksongI'm a big fan of Russell Hoban's Riddley Walker and love that Andrew MacRae has built something that riffs off it but in such a tangily Australian way The language is brilliantcompletely ocker without ever feeling like a smug latte sipping parody and the playing with future corrupted words works every time 'lie bury' 'trance mission' The descriptions of this dry desperate and weirdly sexy techy world are grouse the seuences where Jon has to tear his truck connected IV out of his vein are truly revolting I can't give the book four stars because my book is competing against it in the Aurealis Awards but honestly it's pretty ace

  • Lee Battersby

    READ ´ Trucksong TrucksongEntertaining post apocalyptic road trip written in an easily digestible pidgeon detailing a young man's hunt for the love of his love who has been stolen by an intelligent truck The narrative is fairly straightforward and the climax is telegraphed fairly early but the language setting and characterisation carry the story along at a cracking pace and makes for a satisfying read

  • Kat

    READ ´ Trucksong TrucksongTrucksong is a great example of truly Australian speculative fiction that doesn't resort to cliches I could really feel this vision of the future where trucks and road technology begins to take on a life of its own The voice is exceptionally well written I'm only sorry that it's taken me this long to read it