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reader ½ Marcel Malone ↠ Lew Watts Intriguing patient Marcel whose symptoms result from multiple levels of rejection—from family colleagues relationships and those journals that receive his poetry submissions Desperate to achieve a breakthrough Vera prescribes a very unusual treatment that begins to desensitize Marcel to rejection albeit with unexpected

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✰ [BOOKS] ✸ Marcel Malone By Lew Watts ✽ – Dr Vera Lewis has a difficult but intriguing patient Marcel whose symptoms result from multiple levels of rejection—from family colleagues relationships and those journals that receive his poetry su BOOKS Marcel Malone By Lew Watts Connecfloorcouk Dr Vera Lewis has a difficult but intriguing patient Marcel whose symptoms result from multiple levels of rejection—from family colleagues relationships and those journals that receive his poetry su Dr Vera Lewis has a difficult but

doc ↠ Marcel Malone ´ lew watts wwwthebulletinorg an organization that aims to warn the world of man made existential threats including nuclear proliferation climate change and the risks of emerging technologies He holds a PhD from the University of Reading and an honorary doctorate from Bristol University both in the UK He maintains a long and deep passion for fly fishing and lives in Chicago and Santa Fe with his wife Roxanne Decyk.

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Marcel MaloneSide effects It is only when Vera brings poetry into their therapy sessions that Marcel begins to reveal his deeper problems and is able to confront the demons of his past As for Vera she has her own problemsSet mostly in Washington DC Marcel Malone is a story of how the love of poetry can lead to personal transformatio

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  • Mischenko

    doc ↠ Marcel Malone ´ lew watts Marcel MaloneEnter to win a signed copy of Marcel Malone and see my A with the author Lew Watts readrantrockandrollcom The giveaway starts 12am 73017 and ends 12am 8617I had no idea what to expect when I started reading this book Marcel Malone is a first novel for Lew Watts and one that is definitely uniueVera and Raymond are a married couple living in DC Vera is a psychiatrist who lacks attention from her husband as he places importance on his job as a lobbyist Raymond worries about his reputation than anything and lacks the ability to pick up on Vera’s needsThe focus in the story is mainly Vera and her life with her patients A particular patient that she becomes almost dependent on is Marcel Marcel enjoys reading and writing poetry which is something he and Vera have in common They share their thoughts with each other and Vera looks forward to these conversations The result of this relationship and Vera’s own curiosity re

  • Brian Michels

    doc ↠ Marcel Malone ´ lew watts Marcel MaloneThis was an very interesting read First off it had a subtle or an invisible hook that pulled me right into the story Initially I thought it was the finely drawn main characters that I liked despite the two of them having less than admirable traits Marcel and Vera; patient and Therapist At our introduction we see and learn that Marcel routinely curls up in a ball on the floor of his therapist A shrinking violet? A coward? Flawed? Someone that needs a grip for sure Vera is not much better as she willingly accepts a lesser role in her marriage; a marriage that centers on her husband's DC Lobbyist career; along with her supporting position in the circle of their friends and associates The story eventually has Marcel and Vera in a sought of soft and positive entanglement as Therapist helps pa

  • Fran

    doc ↠ Marcel Malone ´ lew watts Marcel MalonePsychologist Vera Lewis has joined a clinical practice started by co founders Carolyn and John Mainly business professionals are referred to her Most bore herthat is until Marcel Malone Marcel spends therapy sessions curled in a pose of rigid fright He struggles with melancholy and repeated rejection Vera John and Carolyn meet weekly to discuss their patients A plan emerges to try to help MarcelVera's therapeutic method includes Writing Therapy and Paradoxical Intervention Vera suggests that Marcel keep a journal to express his feelings He chooses poetry as his vehicle of self expression Marcel produces sonnets that are stilted He

  • BlackOxford

    doc ↠ Marcel Malone ´ lew watts Marcel MaloneBeltway NeuroticsA cautionary chronicle of Yuppie suburban life in Washington DC He a lobbyist; she a psychotherapist enjoying the best money can buy of the professional high life There is a name dro

  • David R. Dowdy

    doc ↠ Marcel Malone ´ lew watts Marcel MaloneThis beautiful autographed book it has page holder flaps came to me care of the blog from which I won a giveaway copy It is a well written fictional account of a psychologist who helps a patient overcome his fear of rejection She uses several clever techniues one of which is to echo the man's writingAs she works with the patient the analyst learns of the poetry the former introduces by way of showing his feelings She begins to research poetry becomes consumed by it and uses it to understand and eventually help the pati

  • Karen

    doc ↠ Marcel Malone ´ lew watts Marcel MalonePoetry as HealerMarcel Malone is an unusual and exhilarating novel about the power of human connection and the power of poetry Marcel has deep seated psychological issues –and a history of rejection—when he begins seeing a therapist Vera His only lifeline is poetry As Vera begins trying to understand poetry as a way into Marcel’s mind her own life begins to change as well In some ways the novel is also a mystery as we journey into the lives of both characters and discover the origins of their problems and begin to see what the future might hold It is that rare story that is a literary novel and also a page turner I liked it so much I bought a copy for a friend

  • Matt

    doc ↠ Marcel Malone ´ lew watts Marcel MaloneFirst and foremost thank you to Lew Watts for providing me with a copy of this book which allows me to provide you with an unbiased reviewWorking through my pile of independent author reads I came across this book by Lew Watts He kindly asked me to take the time to read and review the book though I had no idea what to expect beforehand It did push me outside my normal genre but I strive to open myself up to new and exciting topics Dr Vera Lewis is a successful therapist in the DC area whose interesting cross section of patients offer the application of many therapeutic techniues One of these patients is Marcel Malone an accountant by trade who has forged a close relationship with Vera while they tackle building his interpersonal skills through social interactions with strangers During their sessions Marcel introduces

  • Misty Mount

    doc ↠ Marcel Malone ´ lew watts Marcel MaloneClassy little read I'd recommend to poetry buffs

  • Teresa

    doc ↠ Marcel Malone ´ lew watts Marcel MaloneI was intrigued by the idea of a psychologist treating a patient who communicates only in poetry The story reads like a mystery as the reader follows Vera the doctor through her own journal notes as she is swept into her patient’s condition She first enters his world compassionately and later dangerously I was uietly seduced by the poetry angle as the author effortlessly introduces different poetry forms that shelter restrict and ultimately liberate the characters

  • Dale Kronkright

    doc ↠ Marcel Malone ´ lew watts Marcel MaloneMarcel Malone is the first short but ambitious novel by the poet scientist engineer Lew Watts Watts has published in many haiku journals over the past decade and it is likely that Marcel Malone inhabits a landscape populated with carefully crafted poems and poets because of Watts’ familiarity with the meter discipline and beauty of poetry In this novel insights into life's emotional dilemmas are inevitably revealed by discovering and distilling one’s experiences into a haiku of less than seventeen syllablesMarcel Malone is also the namesake character of the novel He is a 30 year old accountant and the only child of an Italian American mother who died of cervical cancer when he was 15 His father is an Irish American who in Marcel’s estimation wanted an athletic engineer for a son and was disappointed with Marcel’s interest in poetry music and fly fishing Since the death of his