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Ourth volume of the critically acclaimed series Zero's in college and hating it though a tour with the Dusted Bunnies promises to rejuvenate her spirits at least that's what she's telling her therapist But a rival band threatens to end the tour early and without her family Zero's in no position to fight back Meanwhile the rest

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Hopeless SavagesPDF Epub Hopeless Savages Jen Van Meter Connecfloorcouk All the Hopeless Savages are back in this fourth volume of the critically acclaimed series Zero's in college and hating it though a tour with the Dusted Bunnies promises to rejuvenate her spirits at l All the Hopeless Savages are back in this f

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[PDF / Epub] ⚣ Hopeless Savages ✈ Jen Van Meter – Connecfloor.co.uk All the Hopeless Savages are back in this fourth volume of the critically acclaimed series Zero's in college and hating it though a tour with the Dusted Bunnies promises to rejuvenate her spirits at lOf the Hopeless Savages are dealing with their own problems including babies contracts and drug addictions But if there's one family who can pull it all off it's this one Stunningly illustrated by Meredith McClaren Hinges with flashbacks by original series artist Christine Norrie this is one volume fans won't want to miss out on

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  • Tiamatty

    Hopeless Savages Book ✓ Hopeless SavagesSo This book I read the first three volumes of Hopeless Savages a couple years ago Ground Zero was my favourite I've enjoyed some other work by Jen Van Meter And I love artist Meredith McClaren's webcomic Hinges So I've been looking forward to this one for pretty much this whole year And I was not disappointed The wait was worth it even with the unfortunate delay This is a damned good comic Van Meter's writing is fantastic She can do fun and funny she can do sweet and touching and she can do heart wrenching and painf

  • Gayle Francis Moffet

    Hopeless Savages Book ✓ Hopeless SavagesJust leave me here to die This is everything I wanted in Hopeless Savages Loving family who absolutely support one another even if they're trying not to show their cracks to one another More of Zero just being Zero and wonderful emotion and positivity and growth and trust and love and look at this point it's just a high pitc

  • Marissa

    Hopeless Savages Book ✓ Hopeless SavagesI loved Hopeless Savages as a teen This I did not I found that the artist's style made it hard to differentiate between charcters and having EVERYONE show up in the edition made it even harder to keep them all straight Beyond that Zed's uirky linguistics seemed like of a contrivance than a dialect this time around and the whole thing just felt loose Maybe HS just doesn't hold up to my memories of it or maybe this was just a weaker version of it I'm not sure

  • Jenn Estepp

    Hopeless Savages Book ✓ Hopeless SavagesI am always down for some Hopeless Savages I think I probably would’ve appreciated it if I’d read the others recently

  • Paul

    Hopeless Savages Book ✓ Hopeless SavagesHopeless Savages comes roaring out of it's hiatus with this volume Meredith McClaren's art is a part of this revitalization It is full of the chaotic energy that epitomizes the Hopeless Savage Family It reminds us that time moves on and it doesn't have to be awful I look forward to volumes hint hint

  • Diana Welsch

    Hopeless Savages Book ✓ Hopeless SavagesI'd been waiting for this for years YEARS Ever since encountering Hopeless Savages Volume 2 Ground Zero by chance at the library I've been in love with Hopeless Savages so this was very anticipated with all its delaysZero Hopeless Savage the youngest child of two former punk rock stars Dirk Hopeless a Sid Vicious type and Nikki Savage kind of a riot grrl type is a freshman in college and not having a good time The one bright spot in her life is her upcoming tour with her band the Dusted Bunnies They encounter hangups with the jealousy of a rival band and the fact that Zero's boyfriend Ginger's MIT classmates have hacked his phone to keep him from being in contact with Zero he does all their classwork himself if he's missing her And we also get a glimpse of Arsenal and Claude as struggling new parents to screaming twins Twitch and Henry as unhappy participants in a touri

  • Laura

    Hopeless Savages Book ✓ Hopeless SavagesI loved the first three Hopeless Savages books so I was really excited for this one Like the previous books Break was a nice mix of humor music and family I felt there was a little polish to this story in the writing art and organization of plot This first three were rougher and chaotic I think this is a sign of how talented the writerartists are and how they've grown but I did like the rougher chaos a bit To give an example of what I mean by chaos one thing I always liked was how the reader jumped into dialogue and the talk bubbles would sometimes run off the page or behind something You get enough to get the gist but I liked that because it felt like the reader was listening in to the story This volume did that in a way once but the past comics were a jumble of that kind of thing

  • Sarah

    Hopeless Savages Book ✓ Hopeless SavagesI'm so very 5050 on this book and I really don't want to be I love the Hopeless Savage clan and was so excited to see another story about them My main problem was that I thought Zero's plot was a bit repetitive and frustrating Email people Email is a thing As is Facebook Twitter Instagram and a whole host of communication tools This just didn't work at all imo I liked the little scenes with the rest of the family though Arsenal remains my

  • dixon

    Hopeless Savages Book ✓ Hopeless Savagesanother fantastic installment of this incredible family story the art is just perfect for the speed and mood deftly communicating the ways all my favorite punks emote maybe i cried part from the power of the story the honesty the well done moments of dramatic irony; but part from the history

  • Eli

    Hopeless Savages Book ✓ Hopeless SavagesA new installment that's well worth the wait that captures everyone's growth as artists while still remaining true to the spirit of t