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review The Nazi Séance 103 ê [Reading] ➷ The Nazi Séance By Arthur J. Magida – World War I left Berlin and all of Germany devastated  Charlatans and demagogues eagerly exploited the desperate crowds Fascination with the occult was everywhere – in private séances personalized World War I left Berlin and all of Germany devastatEd his fans He turned his occult newspaper in Berlin into a Nazi propaganda paper personally assured Hitler that the stars were aligned in his favor and predicted the infamous Reichstag Fire that would solidify the Nazis’ grip on Germany Seasoned with ruminations about wonder and magic and explanations of Hanussen’s tricks The Nazi Séance is a disturbing journey into a Germany as it descends into madness—aided by a “clairvoyant” Jew oblivious to the savagery of men who pursued a Reich they fantasized would last years..

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Le struggled to escape the grim reality of their lives In the early s the most famous mentalist in the German capital was Erik Jan Hanussen a Jewish mind reader The Nazi ePUB originally from Vienna who became so popular in Berlin that he rubbed elbows with high ranking Nazis became close with top Storm Troopers and even advised Hitler Called “Europe’s Greatest Oracle Since Nostradamus” Hanussen assumed he could manipulate some of the incendiary personalities of his time just as he had manipulat.

review The Nazi Séance 103 Arthur J Magida's new book Code Name Madeleine A Sufi Spy in Nazi Occupied Paris will be published by WW Norton in June Advance readers call Code Name Madeleine a thrilling spy story a moving portrait of Noor Inayat Khan's courage and one of the finest most affecting true stories of espionage I have read A former professor at Georgetown University and at the University The Nazi ePUB æ of Bal.

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The Nazi Séance[Reading] The Nazi Séance By Arthur J. Magida World War I left Berlin and all of Germany devastated  Charlatans and demagogues eagerly exploited the desperate crowds Fascination with the occult was everywhere – in private séances personalized World War I left Berlin and all of Germany devastated  Charlatans and demagogues eagerly exploited the desperate crowds Fascination with the occult was everywhere – in private séances personalized psychic readings communions with the dead – as peop.

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  • Fox

    review The Nazi Séance 103 The Nazi SéanceThe book has a wonderful title doesn't it It titillates and intrigues and coupled with the image on the cover it pretty much guarantees that anyone who sees it will want to pick it up Nazis the Occult the very thought of a Jew being Hitler's psychic consultant for any amount of time It's wondrous and perhaps even surprising entirely true So why the two stars then even if the rating is a rather high two star ratingUnfortunately it's for how much just isn't there Arthur J Magida did an impressive amount of research but unfortunately when it comes to his chosen topic there just isn't a lot that remains Interviews he conducted with people who had met Hanussen or had seen him perform are sadly short and not very much referenced There appear to be few surviving letters from the man and thus the image that we are stuck with of him is second or third hand often than not Even the interview with his daughter is ti

  • Erik Graff

    review The Nazi Séance 103 The Nazi SéanceThis slight book sketches the life of Erik Jan Hanussen born Hermann Steinschneider in 1889 the Jewish fortunetellerclairvoyantmagicianhypnotist who befriended the Nazis and was ultimately betrayed by them His support of the movement went beyond mere friendships Successful with his career in Berlin he readily loaned out money even his automobiles to prominent SA officials while publishing a weekly then daily newspaper promoting not only his own career but also that of the National Socialists The loans however became the problem The Nazi seizure of power in 1933 offered them a chance to get out of debt perhaps a last chance to disassociate themselves from a prominent Jew as it became increasingly evident that Hitler and his inner circle were really serious about removing all Jews from Germany Hanussen having become inconvenient was murdered his bod

  • Angel

    review The Nazi Séance 103 The Nazi SéanceThis is definitely one of the most interesting and uniue reading experiences for me this year The moment I saw the title of this book I felt it would be an interesting one to read and it did not disappoint If you enjoy history especially reading about lesser known topics or obscure things this may be a book for you If you enjoy reading about performers mentalists clairvoyants etc this may be a good book for you as well as it does have some discussion of that trade as well including uotes and comments from Teller of Penn Teller And if you happen to be a World War II or Nazi Germany history buff you may to grab this one In other words there is something to interest various folks The strength of the book is in the narrative Magida writes this book as if it was a novel And e

  • Jill Hutchinson

    review The Nazi Séance 103 The Nazi SéanceWhewwhat a strange book The author follows the life of Jan Hanussen a Czech Jew Hermann Steinschneider who captivated German society of the late 1920 30s with his psychic abilities while successfully hiding his Jewish identity from the rising Nazi party Beginning with a minor circus troupe Hanussen picked up tricks of the t

  • Stacia

    review The Nazi Séance 103 The Nazi SéanceThough the topic Jewish mysticadvisor friend to the Nazis Erik Jan Hanussen could have been interesting it was rendered fairly dull in this book That's a shame since the subject was supposed to have charisma hypnotic abilities the book had neither I suppose this is meant to be a biography but the writing is a jumbled mess The author jumps around contradicts himself inserts his opinion in various places goes off on tangents that don't really have a lot to do with the topic The book is very unevenly poorly written as well as seeming under researched A disappointment imo Read the Wikipedia entry if you're curious about Hanussen it's

  • Tomi

    review The Nazi Séance 103 The Nazi SéanceThis is a really strange book The author didn't seem to know exactly what his subject wasa Jewish clairvoyant The Nazis How to read minds And unfortunately most of the book was based on conjecture The truth about Erik Jan Haussen is unknown He left very little factual evidence of his life and his autobiography is too fanciful to be the truth the author admits it To base a book on it could have happened or some people thought just doesn't work

  • Jennifer Cooper

    review The Nazi Séance 103 The Nazi SéanceAlthough I found this book an interesting read it didnt live up to the expectations promised by it's title that was just a hook to grab you an illusion along with the cover photo not credited anywhere so who was in it was it Hanussen himself A lot of the story seems to be what the author thinks happened and it doesn't flow nicely with the research Magida has used to tell the story I do understand what a difficult research topic this would have been given the lack of documented evidence of Hanussen's early years then his reticence to tell the truth about himself in later years in case he shatters the illusion of his 'powers' and loses his big money making enterpriseI'm glad I read it just don't expect in depth documentation of seances with Hitler or any of Hitler's main flunkeys

  • Ann

    review The Nazi Séance 103 The Nazi SéanceThis book didn't uite live up to the expectations triggered by the title subtitle and sensational cover photograph for which by the way I was unable to find a source Is this an actual picture of Erik Hanussen or just cover art The story of Erik Jan Hanussen the stage name of Hermann Steinschneider would undoubtedly be very interesting if was known about it He was born in a Jewish family of itinerant show people and after a varied career as a lion tamer singer comedian and what have you settled on a stage career as a mentalist This involved mind reading clairvoyance seances stage shows as well as private counseling

  • Arash Farzaneh

    review The Nazi Séance 103 The Nazi SéanceAn excellent read about a mysterious and enigmatic Jewish psychic in Nazi Germany I have been interested in Hanussen ever si

  • Robert

    review The Nazi Séance 103 The Nazi SéanceThe book is very well written It gives a lot of insight into the personality of a man caught up in a very foreboding time period The story seems very well researched and footnoted encouraging further reading on the subject The notion of magic as charlatanismspiritualism or accidental psychic sensibility hovers in the background and creates an interesting interplay between unfolding events known history and human behavior Character development is well done in the author's portrait of Erik Hanussen Interesting photographs are included I waited uite a while after finishing this book before writing this review I wanted to see how the book faired in my mind over time It has persisted; remained in my thoughts I'd like to read some by Arthur Magida