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❴Read❵ ➯ Soul Solution Author Katherine McIntyre – For Erik Anderson the Copenhagen line is his curse He takes the train every night en route to collect souls Like any lovelorn fool he bargained his own long ago and now pays the price—a lifetime ofRead Soul Solution Author Katherine McIntyre Connecfloorcouk For Erik Anderson the Copenhagen line is his curse He takes the train every night en route to collect souls Like any lovelorn fool he bargained his own long ago and now pays the price—a lifetime of For Erik Anderson the Copenhagen line is his curse He takes the tra

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Night couldn’t hurt but he sorely underestimated her determination Every encounter between them is reprieve from the guilt of reaping souls every night but it can’t last Even if she sparks long buried feelings and even if her sheer presence intoxicates him he can’t let this continue For humans his touch is poison and if he slips up it could cost her life

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Soul SolutionIn every night en route to collect souls Like any lovelorn fool he bargained his own long ago and now pays the price—a lifetime of loneliness as a grim reaper Stay distant—that’s been his mantra and what keeps him sane Until Mina Castner drops into his life like a whirlwind one spilled drink leading to staying up until dawn with the woman He believed one

Book ´ Soul Solution ÇDownload Strong women Strong wordsKatherine McIntyre is a feisty chick with a big attitude despite her short stature She writes stories featuring snarky women ragtag crews and men with bad attitudes—high chance for a passionate speech thrown into the mix As an eternal geek and tomboy who’s always stepped to her own beat she’s made it her mission to write stories that represent the broad spectrum of.

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  • Caroline Barker

    Book ´ Soul Solution ÇDownload Soul SolutionSoul Solution is a dark paranormal romance which provides suspense as the reader longs to find out what will become of Erik and Mina Will Erik be taken in by her so much that he just can’t help himself Will he touch her and lose her forever Or will he manage to keep his distance in order to keep her safeAfter bargaining his soul long ago Erik is now a soul collector himself Riding the train on the Copenhagen line each night taking souls and living a life of loneliness is all he knows He doesn’t enjoy it It hurts But it’s his curse All he can do is target the people whose wh

  • Steph

    Book ´ Soul Solution ÇDownload Soul SolutionSoul Solution is part of the Beyond Fairytale series of Katherine McIntyre a series of short reads that show you a modern and refreshing version of the stories we all heard as toddlers In this story we get to meet Erik Anderson a man that long ago bargain his own soul and now rides the Copenhagen line in search of souls to collect Yes he is a grim reaper and that tr

  • Berzerkertiki

    Book ´ Soul Solution ÇDownload Soul SolutionAfter reading this book I have to say that the author has continued to just get stronger and stronger with her work Soul Solution didn't really sound like me cup of tea with a broody main character but as always Katherine has crafted characters and a story that were incredibly moving Having the main character be the moody loaner type mesh with a free flowing loaner allowed a very natural balance in the way the characters interacted You seriously felt for what both of

  • Monica

    Book ´ Soul Solution ÇDownload Soul SolutionNot going to liegive me a sexy reaper any day and I will read it So that definitely impacted my enjoyment of the story I enjoyed some of the new elements Ms McIntryre brought to old ideas As a writer of Reaper romance myself it is fun to see how other's execute it The story while strong in world building lacked a tiny bit in character development in my opinion I loved themlet's be clearbut something was off about Mina's character arc I felt maybe her growth could have been a little seamless I still enjoyed the story and I love Ms McIntryre's ability to suck me into a new world

  • dreamerinexile

    Book ´ Soul Solution ÇDownload Soul SolutionA lifetime in a week 45 starsI loved reading this little gem of a book Soul Solution is a story about a reaper and his chance encounter with a woman that irrevocably changes their livesMina prefers to stay at home and read with her cat as company Though she prefers staying at home she lets one of her work friend convince her to go on a blind date The date is going horrible wrong or right depending on who you ask All Mina wants is to go to her uiet home and forget the whole eveningErik is an uber hot and broody reaper he is at war with his conscience regarding his nightly job Consuming sou

  • Chris Pavesic

    Book ´ Soul Solution ÇDownload Soul SolutionPossible SpoilersI enjoyed this novel uite a bit Paranormal romance is not something I usually read but I was intrigued by the author’s description of the characters This did not feature vampires werewolves or zombies but grim reapers Romance with death incarnate is fascinating to say the leastWhat type of a person could serve as a grim reaper How would this profession for lack of a better word affect that person Through Erik the reader catches a glimpse into the supernatural elements that are intertwined with a world much like our own and sees how one choice can change a person’s life foreverBut the story is not only set in the supernatural The narrative is balanced by the inclusion of Mina and her very human concerns ab

  • Robin Morgan

    Book ´ Soul Solution ÇDownload Soul SolutionI recently reuested to review this book from The Romance Reviews and had been given the opportunity to do so The following is my honest opinion of what I read and what I’ve written has just been approved to be posted on their siteIf the title I’ve given to my review sounds familiar it’s because it’s the title of a song from the 1950’s by Nat King Cole If you read the lyrics of his version of the song you’ll get some idea of how Erik Anderson feels towards Mina CastnerEach time I look at you is like the first timeEach time you're near me the thrill is newAnd there is nothing that I wouldn't do forThe rare delight of the sight of you forThe I see you the I want youSomehow this feeling just grows and growsWith every sigh I become mad about youMore lost without you and so it goesBut unfortunately this is a forbidden kind a love relatio

  • Seregon

    Book ´ Soul Solution ÇDownload Soul SolutionWarning possible spoilersWhen Mina finally has enough with her arrogant blind date she ditches him and ends up meeting Erik a soul collectorgrim reaper trying to earn his thousand souls to get out of a bad deal Throughout the week as Mina and Erik hang out often they naturally grow closer and it becomes increasingly difficult to say good bye Mina keeps searching for answers only Erik can't give them or tell her the truth for fear of scaring or hurting her literallyHowever on the last day of the week at the last stop on the train Mina sneaks something of Eric's into her pocket and risks her own life As Erik saves her another bad deal is made A cute short story about doing your own thing and how souls touch each other even if you think they don't I'd call this a happy ending all things considered I'd actually LIKE that job and I'd like to see a seuel to how Mina deals with her 'new life'

  • Thea Landen

    Book ´ Soul Solution ÇDownload Soul SolutionI'll be honest I'm not familiar with the original fairytale this installment of the series is based on but the premise sounded so interesting I had to give it a read And right off the bat parts of it reminded me of Dead Like Me which made me glad I picked it up The tension between the two main characters was so electrifying and well written I almost didn't want to find out if they got together or not as that would ruin half the funAlong those lines and I'll keep this review spoiler free there were a number of ways the main conflict could have resolved; while I enjoyed trying to guess how each character would wind up by the end of the book what actually happened took me by s

  • Mel

    Book ´ Soul Solution ÇDownload Soul SolutionThis love story between Mina and Erik was worth reading The story is a uick and easy read with a new twist on the classic love story The soul reapers is a engrossing plot to go with Makes you think what would happen if this were real I think parts of the story were rushed and the complete personality changebehaviors was a bit odd in Mina and the ending was a bit predictable Characters were enchanting and I would like to see to this story I would like to read of this author in the future I was lucky enough to win this book in a goodreads giveaway thank you