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[Download] ➸ Lands End By Jackie D. – In the blink of an eye Lena Michaels's dreams of college became a distant memory A robbery gone wrong in her family’s locally owned restaurant took the life of her parents The only witness to the grDownload Lands End By Jackie D Connecfloorcouk In the blink of an eye Lena Michaels's dreams of college became a distant memory A robbery gone wrong in her family’s locally owned restaurant took the life of her parents The only witness to the gr In the blink of an eye Lena Michaels's dreams of college became a distant

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Ot for the San Francisco Miners football team Her only focus is keeping her publicity prone clients out of hot water When Laura’s rebellious streak puts her in the sites of the Miners star wide receiver Lena and Amy will have to face off to protect what is important to them What neither is prepared for is that the price could be their heart

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Lands EndMemory A robbery gone wrong in her family’s locally owned restaurant took the life of her parents The only witness to the gruesome tragedy was Laura Lena’s nine year old sister Seven years later the murders remain unsolved and Laura is now a rebellious teenager dead set on pushing her sister’s limits Amy Kline is a public relations hotsh

Lands End Reader ë Jackie D was born and raised in the San Francisco east bay area of California She lives with her wife their son and their many furry companions She earned a bachelor's degree in recreation administration and a dual master's degree in management and public administration She is a Navy veteran and served in Operation Irai Freedom as a flight deck director onboard the USS Abraham LincolnShe.

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  • Diane Wallace

    Lands End Reader ë Lands EndA taut suspenseful storyline with a little romance and fantastic chemistry to go along because of the stuff that both main characters were dealing withwell to do narrative that hum accordingly because of the author's writing skillsnice plotline about the family and also friends' issues to which the author did take time to dive into and let the readers know what was going ongood pacing and editingcould not ask for a better outcome at the endhighly recommend that everyone check this book outits a well written book and story

  • Lex Kent

    Lands End Reader ë Lands EndI was pleasantly surprised by how much I really liked this This is my first book by Jackie D and I enjoyed her writing Her characters are so well fleshed out that you feel a connection with them Even the smaller roles of the secondary characters were well doneThis story is about Lena a restaurant owner taking care of her younger sister due to her parents murder And Amy a publicist whose job is to clean up other peoples messes They start off on the wrong foot when Lena's underage sister is found with one of Amy's football clients Amy and Lena soon find that they can't keep their minds off each other Wondering if there could be than just

  • Pin

    Lands End Reader ë Lands EndLands End was a pleasant read with a solid plot and nice epilogue I liked the characters and the setting But one important element was a bit of a let down for me the conflict was convincing but unexploited The way it resolved was unchallenging too simple as if the author had run out of good ideas and therefore unsatisfactory and kind of meh And that was too bad because if that part had been handled better Lands End would have been a romance for my favorites shelf But despite my objection this was a very nice story and I am looking forward to nice stories by the author35 stars rounded upARC provided by publisher via NetGalley

  • Agirlcandream

    Lands End Reader ë Lands EndThis was an enjoyable read with a nice balance between attraction and reality Reality for Lena is managing her parents restaurant following their untimely death and wrangling her defiant sixteen year old sister Laura Reality for Amy is finding ways to keep her misbehaving clients out of the media spotlight When called upon to deal with a situation involvi

  • Lexxi Kitty

    Lands End Reader ë Lands End I received this book from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books in return for a fair reviewSeven years ago the Michaels family had a nine year old daughter a great successful restaurant Lands End on the tip of a peninsula in San Francisco and a daughter in college around the age of 20 The college aged daughter Lena was two years into her collegiate plans – get a Social Services degree then Masters in that then help the less fortunate That all changed in something like a split second which does happen even if it sounds like a clichéOne night on the 23rd of October someone came by that Lands End restaurant and shot three people – Papa Mama and daughter Laura Michaels Papa and Mama died Laura did not Everyone’s life was pushed onto a new trajectory – Lena came home from college took over management of the restauran

  • Les Rêveur

    Lands End Reader ë Lands EndARC provided by NetGalley and Bold Stokes for an honest reviewThis is the first novel I have read by Jackie D I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy it from reading the synopsis but i was pleasantly surprised My SynopsisLena inherited her parents life after they where murdered in a robbery She now runs their family restaurant and is sole guardian of her little sister Laura An incident with Laura and the SF Miners Football time prize player leads Lena meeting the PR Rep for the team Enter Amy Amy’s life is her job She has a nice car nice home and a job she seems made for Amy doesn’t expect to be so attracted to Lena when she first meets her but she just can't help herself Lena certainly doesn't want to be attracted to a woman that has no morals But their is just something about Amy she can't resistCan their attraction become Does Amy's job end their relationship before it can start And can Lena finally let got and give a interview that could help fi

  • Jade

    Lands End Reader ë Lands EndARC provided by Netgalley and Bold Strokes for an honest reviewI can usually tell when I have reached the halfway mark in a lesbian romance because that is usually when the main characters have sex for the first timeand I'm probably begging the author for a uick and painless end so you can imagine my surprise when I reached that midpoint scene and the first thought that jumped into my head was' I can't have already read half of the story I just started' but then it got better I looked at the percentage in the corner of the screen and it said I had read 73% Now I'm sure we have all heard the saying that all good things come in three's so for the cherry on the cake I checked the time and what I thought had been 30 minutes of reading was actually 2 12 hours and I was sitting in the

  • Sky Brown

    Lands End Reader ë Lands EndIt was okay

  • Tiff

    Lands End Reader ë Lands EndLands End by Jackie D is your standard romance novel That is not a bad thing This book has two lovable but slightly flawed main characters a beautiful setting and just enough conflict to keep you interested I liked it I don’t always need tons of angst or a crime solving heroine to keep me interested Sometimes you just need a good book and a glass of wine to decompress from life’s pressures This is what you get with Lands End a good solid romance that holds your attention and leaves you feeling contentLena Michaels is the proprietor of Lands End a renowned San Francisco restraint that she inherited after her parents murder seven years ago Along with running the restaurant Lena is also the guardian to her wild sixteen year old sister Lena spends all of her

  • Kate

    Lands End Reader ë Lands EndEnjoyable read by Jackie DFollowing her parents murder Lena moves home to raise her younger sister and take over the running of their restaurant Her main responsibility is her sister so when she get herself into a bit of trouble Lena trie