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Reader Ù The Impostor ↠ Damon Galgut Job and his home in the city But when he meets Canning – a shadowy figure from his chi When Adam moves into the abandoned house on the dusty edge of town he is hoping to recover from the lo

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[Reading] ➿ The Impostor ➶ Damon Galgut – When Adam moves into the abandoned house on the dusty edge of town he is hoping to recover from the loss of his job and his home in the city But when he meets Canning – a shadowy figure from his chi Reading The Impostor Damon Galgut Connecfloorcouk When Adam moves into the abandoned house on the dusty edge of town he is hoping to recover from the loss of his

Download The Impostor Book Ñ Damon Galgut was born in Pretoria in He wrote his first novel A Sinless Season when he was seventeen His other books include Small Circle of Beings The Beautiful Screaming of Pigs The uarry The Good Doctor and The Impostor The Good Doctor was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize the Commonwealth Writers' Prize and the DublinIMPAC Award The Imposter was also shortlisted for the Com.

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The ImpostorSs of his job and his home in the city But when he meets Canning – a shadowy figure from his childhood – and Canning's enigmatic and beautiful wife a sinister new chapter in his life begin

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  • Vit Babenco

    Download The Impostor Book Ñ The Impostor The Impostor at times reminded me of The Magus by John Fowles and at times of Waiting for the Barbarians by JM Coetzee but in fact Damon Galgut stays on his own territory all the way throughThe novel is highly intriguing subtly intellectual and fraught with moral ambiguitiesIt comes to him that time is the great distorting lens Up close human life is a catalogue of pain and power but when enough time has gone past everything ceases to matter Nothing that people do to each other will carry any moral charge eventually History is just like the ground down there something neutral and observable a pattern a shape The past and the present are interconnected in the weirdest ways and our memory distorts the past and thus

  • Richard

    Download The Impostor Book Ñ The ImpostorThe Shallow Intimacy of The Impostor Exploring the Vortex with Damon GalgutDear DamonWhen we met in Antwerp I caught a glimpse of what my life might be like if my dream of literary fame and fortune ever came true It was not a pretty sight You had arrived in Belgium on your own with a couple of interviews and appear

  • Jessica

    Download The Impostor Book Ñ The ImpostorI don't know if I can convey how much I was looking forward to this novel I came across Galgut last summer for the first time; I read 'uarry' first and then 'The Good Doctor' Both are excellent 'uarry' is a prose poem of a novel a stark and haunting one 'The Good Doctor' is fleshed out but still conveys a harsh and beautiful changing landscape with uestions of morality authenticity at its center I would call both of these novels unconventional innovative in their structure and style So read between the lines I fell in love with Galgut He even toppled Coetzee from his eternal position as my top favorite So African novelist to become one of my top favorite contemporary novelists period'The Impostor' reads like a mainstream novel a watered down version of Galgut's concerns The prose seems pedestrian than inspired and the structure of the novel offers nothing new But it's perhaps the characters which are most proble

  • Sofia

    Download The Impostor Book Ñ The ImpostorWheels within wheelsMelancholic at times I needed to shake Adam a bit those weeds were calling out to meUnfortunately 'free for all' in this case has than one meaning we can twist it around and see it as now South Africa embraces freedom for all thank God but it also means that the sharks the marauders come in to feed on the weaknesses as well Sharks such as Genov Canning or even Gavin And Adam lies listlessly aboutGalgut's picture of S

  • Robert

    Download The Impostor Book Ñ The ImpostorAt the moment i’m nearly ready with Philip Roth’s The Human Stain there should be a review up by Sunday but I thought i’d take a tiny break and read The Imposter and I finished it in two hours flatMy first experience of Galgut was through The Good Doctor which I felt was uite sinister but a wholly satisfying read The good news is that The Impostor is even better it’s Galgut at his peakAdam Napier is unemployed and homeless so he escapes from Johannesburg and visits his brother Gavin in the hope that he’ll help him Gavin offers Adam an old abandoned house in the middle of nowhere Adam is pleased and thinks that he will start a new stress free life This soon comes to an end through two people who step in Adam’s pathThe first one is his eerie neighbo

  • Kimbofo

    Download The Impostor Book Ñ The ImpostorMoney morality loneliness and being true to yourself are the central themes in Damon Galgut’s sixth novel The Impost

  • Alistair Mackay

    Download The Impostor Book Ñ The ImpostorIt’s unnerving that I love Damon Galgut novels so much his protagonists are unlikeable sometimes despicable and the general feeling is of one creepy unease But I can’t put his books down This is the third novel I’ve read of his the others being The Good Doctor and In A Strange Room and it was probably my least favourite of the three but even so it is excellent His prose is bleak and beautiful and his characters are so obliue and dark there’s something cathartic about being among themIn The Impostor Adam moves to a small Karoo town to make sense of his faltering life and to try and start again as a poet He runs into an old friend from his childhood that he doesn’t remember and in the months that follow Adam’s life changes in ways he could never have anticipated A little like John Fowles’ The Magus the book has a dark sense of unreality to it It tackles isolation guilt lust complicity and the shady underbelly of power in post transition South Af

  • Sunil

    Download The Impostor Book Ñ The ImpostorReview pending but just wanted to say I was slightly let down by the ending It lost a star because Damon couldn't ignore the typical novelist's urge to somehow tie all the loose ends into an ending But reality carries on especially in Africa where reality is real than elsewhere; as much one can't overlook Africa's past one can't as well impose a desired end point That's where Naipaul's 'Bend in the River' looms tall over every other book that deals with African themes Nevertheless ' Impostor' is a remarkable exploration

  • Jen Squire

    Download The Impostor Book Ñ The ImpostorDamon Galgut is a writer I was introduced to last year and had one of those how could I not have known about this guy before reactions Both 'In A Strange Room' and 'Circle of Beings' showed a mastery of language the power of understatement and an incredible insight into people's complexitiesSo I was thrilled to see him on the shelves in my new local library Took this home with a mountain of other books and gave it to my mum to read as I was still in something else I said 'He's a master Remarkable' And didn't really ask mum her thoughts as she was reading When she finished she talked of the challenges and complexities of South Africa than of the book But I only notice that in hindsightSo starting out with terribly high expectations disappointment

  • notgettingenough

    Download The Impostor Book Ñ The ImpostorIt's odd how many people see this as a thriller when although to be sure it is unputdownable and one could say it is thrilling it is anything but a thriller For a start there is no hero not even an anti hero Instead the main character is a weak immoral selfish man who plays at being poor for a while and hasn't a brave bone in his