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READ Å Expectant Bride ¹ ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Expectant Bride By Lynne Graham ✸ – Ellie Morgan hoped to buy the bookshop where she worked so evenings she moonlighted as a cleaner at Alexiakis International Until she overheard Dio Alexiakis discussing a top secret deal and he insist Ellie Morgan hoped to buy the booksho[PDF / Epub] Expectant Bride By Lynne Graham Ellie Morgan hoped to buy the bookshop where she worked so evenings she moonlighted as a cleaner at Alexiakis International Until she overheard Dio Alexiakis discussing a top secret deal and he insist Ellie M.

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Organ hoped to buy the bookshop where she worked so evenings she moonlighted as a cleaner at Alexiakis International Until she overheard Dio Alexiakis discussing a top secret deal and he insisted that Ellie was an industrial spy Ellie was unnerved by her confrontation with Dio Alexiakis However Dio kn.

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Expectant BrideEw just how he would deal with herEllie found herself on her way to Dio's island and two days and nights of perfect passion followed by an unexpected pregnancy Dio had the perfect solution they'd marry for the baby's sake By now Ellie was in love with Dio but could he learn to love his Expectant Bride..

READ Å Expectant Bride See this thread for information Lynne Graham was born on July of Irish Scottish parentage She has livedin Northern Ireland all her life She grew up in a seaside village with herbrother She learnt to read at the age of and haven't stopped since thenLynne first met her husband when she was At she wrote her firstbook but it was rejected everywhere Lynne married after she completed adegree at Edinburgh University She started writing again when she was athome with her first child It took several attempts before she sold herfirst book in and the delight of seeing that first book for sale in thelocal newsagents has never been forgotten Now there are over million ofher books in print worldwideLynne always wanted a large family and has five children Her eldest and heronly natural child is and currently at university Her other fourchildren who are every bit as dear to her heart are adopted She has two year olds adopted from Sri Lanka and a and a year old adopted fromGuatemala In Lynne's home there is a rich and diverse cultural mix whichadds a whole extra dimension of interest and discovery to family life Thefamily lives in a country house surrounded by a woodland garden which iswonderfully private The family has two pets Thomas a very large andaffectionate black cat bosses the dog and hunts rabbits The dog is Daisyan adorable but not very bright white West Highland terrier who loves beingchased by the cat At night dog and cat sleep together in front of thekitchen stove Lynne loves gardening cooking collects everything from oldtoys to rock specimens and is crazy about every aspect of Christmas.

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  • Leona

    READ Å Expectant Bride Expectant BrideThis is actually my favorite Lynne Graham I loved the hero the heroine the friction with OWthe intensity of their passion and the big misunderstanding Unlike her other books this heroine is uite feisty gives as good as she gets and can stand up and walk out when she says she is The grovel was great I would just change one thing At one point the hero says No you listen to me You don't own me You don't tell me what I can do where I can go or who I can be with It that understood And when you've got this jealousy jag under control call me But don't leave it too long After all Helena is a lot of things you're not I don't know about you but it would take me at least a century to forgive that line He should have had to wait a few months for a HEA

  • Ivy H

    READ Å Expectant Bride Expectant BrideReview of book read years agoEllie is one of Lynne G's strong minded and independent heroines She's learnt the hard way to depend only on herself because her mother's tragic life as the mistress of a man Ellie's sperm donor dad who never respected or acknowledged her in public has left her with emotional scars What I loved about Ellie is the fact that she is also feminine and sweet and isn't waiting on a man to solve all her problems She works hard at two jobs to save money to buy her own little bookshop Ellie is uite beautiful and sexy and could have easily found some gullible guy to pay all her bills but she has far too much pride for that Lynne G manages to create a strong independent heroine who isn't a raging dragon or a shrewish harpy She is downtrodden like most of LG's heroines but she isn't stupid or helpless I loved Ellie Dio What can I say about this tall specimen of virility and male beauty Is it just me or does a lot of

  • Melody Cox

    READ Å Expectant Bride Expectant BrideI read a lot of books over 400 this past year This book had the absolute best groveling scene I have ever read He had mistrusted the heroine and treated her terribly and she deserved the major govel fest that he presented her It was great one of the very bestSafety For those of you who like safely infothis is a safe book and neith

  • Jenny

    READ Å Expectant Bride Expectant BrideI think this is my favorite Lynne Graham story by farEllie is an office cleaner at night a job she needs since she is is saving up to buy her own bookstore When Dio Alexiakis sees her hiding in his offices he thinks she is an industrial spy and takes her with him to Greece to have her under surveillance Their attraction is crazy and their night of passion results in pregnancy Ellie accepts to marry Dio but Helena the woman the hero was expected to marry is doing everything in her power to tear them apart and she almost succeeds I adored Ellie's character A lovable underdog from the start She kept fighting no matter what was thrown her way And a lot came her way She was very strong and never gave up without a f

  • StMargarets

    READ Å Expectant Bride Expectant BrideThis is the one with the cleaner who accidentally overhears the hero talking about taking over a company Not the one where the cleaner is playing chess So he decides the best way to make sure no corporate secrets are revealed is to keep her with him 247 This means going to Greece for his father's funeral buying the h lots of designer clothes at the airport hanging out on the beach together having great sex with the virgin heroine and then dumping her when the stock prices of the company in uestion go upBut the hero can't uit the h and returns for sex and promises of a mistress position which the h soundly rejects Meanwhile she's pregnant and is going to lose her job and flat ov

  • boogenhagen

    READ Å Expectant Bride Expectant BrideRe Expectant Bride There are lots of spoilerizations on this one so I did not do one But I really really like the last part of this oneThe evil OW makes one incursion too man

  • RomanceLover99

    READ Å Expectant Bride Expectant BrideEllie is probably the strongest heroine Lynne Graham has ever written Life has taught her some hard lessons yet she is not bitter She's beautiful a hard worker holding down 2 jobs and could easily have used her beauty to make life easier for herself She's not some unaware heroine who doesn't know she's beautiful; she knows she is and plays down her looks She's saving money to purchase a bookstore and is fully prepared to take care of her unborn child herself after Dio the hero of this book falsely accused her of corporate espionage literally right after taking her virginity and telling her he essentially went slumming when he slept with herDio is the type of super alpha hero that I love however he jumps to conclusions way too uickly regarding Ellie and he has this horrible belief in the goodness of the evil 0W and she was evil Yes Ellie was pregnant with his child however why marry her if he couldn't trust her Yes Dio actually tells Ellie that he doesn't believe her when

  • Vintage

    READ Å Expectant Bride Expectant BrideNo plot review as it has been done and better than I would do justiceAll I want to say is the hero deserved a skillet upside the head for ALWAYS believing the other woman and consistently blaming the heroine I see a divorce in the future when he steps over the line one too many times and the heroine shows him and the reader that when she's says she's going she means businessScraped to three stars because heroine actually stood up for herself

  • Claire

    READ Å Expectant Bride Expectant BrideOkay I’ll bite I’ll pretend that there’s no evident ground here for a lawsuit either for kidnapping or sexual harassment and that Gloria Allred wouldn’t be salivating to take on the girl’s defense against Gio the Greek Tycoon I’m giving this book three stars One for the girl because she followed through and actually left him after giving him an ultimatum her or the Helena his long standing “friend” Two for the girl again because even when he had contrived to find her and they had returned to their apartment for a talk of some sorts she was still going to pack away her suitcase with the intention of leaving him And three for the delicio

  • Debbie DiFiore

    READ Å Expectant Bride Expectant BrideJust as good the second timeI almost took it down a point for that last fight and the horrible things he said but I am a sucker for a ma