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❰Reading❯ ➸ Time Riders Author Alex Scarrow – Connecfloor.co.uk Liam O’Connor deveria ter morrido no mar em 1912Maddy Carter deveria ter morrido num avião em 2010Sal Vikram deveria ter morrido num incêndio em 2026No entanto momentos antes da morte alguém aparReading Time Riders Author Alex Scarrow Connecfloorcouk Liam O’Connor deveria ter morrido no mar em 1912Maddy Carter deveria ter morrido num avião em 2010Sal Vikram deveria ter morrido num incêndio em 2026No entanto momentos antes da morte alguém apar Liam O’Connor deveria ter morrido no mar em Maddy Carter deveria ter morrido num avião em Sal Vikram deveria ter morrido num incêndio em No entanto momentos antes da morte alguém aparece misteriosamente e diz “Pega na minha mão” Mas Liam M

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A nazi à vitória contra os Aliados e para assegurar um Reich Mundial sob o seu domínio Liam e Bob a unidade de apoio da euipa são enviados para o passado para tentarem frustrar os planos de Kramer enuanto no presente Maddy e Sal vêem Nova Iorue ser alterada pela chegada de uma onda temporal e transformar se numa aterradora nova realidade – uma paisagem apocalíptica de ruínas e sobreviventes mutantes de um holocaustoConseguirão Liam e Bob “mudar o rumo” da história antes de os mutantes encontrarem as raparigas e as comerem?

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Time RidersAddy e Sal não são salvos São recrutados por uma agência secreta cujo único propósito é resolver problemas na história Porue existem viagens no tempo e há uem ueira voltar atrás para mudar o passado É por isso ue existem os Timeriders para nos proteger E para evitar ue as viagens no tempo destruam o mundoNo primeiro livro desta série a euipa acabada de recrutar é lançada numa aventura mesmo antes de acabar o seu treino Paul Kramer um físico brilhante do futuro tem planos para alterar o passado – para conduzir a Alemanh

ePub ó Time Riders I live a nomadic existence with my wife Frances and son Jacob For now we're living in Norwich I spent the first years out of college in the music business chasing record deals and the next years in the computer games business as a graphic artist and eventually a games designer For those of you who like their computer games here's some of the titles I've worked onWaterworld Evolva The.

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  • Ahmad Sharabiani

    ePub ó Time Riders Time RidersTimeRiders TimeRiders #1 Alex ScarrowAlex Scarrow is planning to span the TimeRiders series over 9 books in total The series is about an agency which consists of three teenagers who have cheated death and who travel in time to fix history broken by time travel TimeRiders is a time travel story about three kids saved from death to protect the future from time travelers who mess with time تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز هشتم ماه می سال 2016 میلادیعنوان تایم رایدرز؛ نویسنده الکس اسکارو؛ا شربیانی

  • Aurora

    ePub ó Time Riders Time RidersI picked this book up at Books a Million a bookstore I don't usually shop at I had looked at it several times at other book stores but I had never bought it until that night I have since learned that if I look at a book several times but only buy it later I will probably love it and this is no exceptionTimeRiders is a time travel story about three kids saved from death to protect the future from time travelers who mess with time There is to the story though because the kids start to doubt that what they're being told is the truth There is a bigger mystery behind this series than how to fix timeIt's a very good book the first in a nine book series and I would recommend it to science fiction and mystery fansVisit the fan forum where we have an ongoing discussion about how the series will end

  • S.W.

    ePub ó Time Riders Time RidersThe TimeRiders is a great book that has hooked me for the rest of the series The blurb for this book is brilliant How can you no

  • Silvanna

    ePub ó Time Riders Time RidersLiam Sal and Mandy are a team of time travelers sucked into a adventure that will change the course of world history A fun read Loved ‘Captain Bob’

  • Mark

    ePub ó Time Riders Time RidersIf books won accolades for the gripping start of their plots then this first volume in the series ought to have won award after award after award It is a really clever concept where young people destined for a horrible death are rescued by a stranger suddenly appearing in the moment of catastrophe The option given to them either stay and die as was planned or take the step into the unknown and become a 'Time rider'The job of these new recruits is to live in one day of time continually repeated but watch for any slight change in the repeated action changes that would signify someone had entered into history at a different point and had skewed history The flaw in the plotline was the fact that the timeriders themselves were aberrations in history They ought to have died and therefore their presence in the 24 hour time capsule they inhabited was a sensitive balancing act They needed to pass through each d

  • Tyrean

    ePub ó Time Riders Time RidersI loved the concept of this book and some of the character development was good The action scenes are excellent What I didn't likeThe only swearing used over and over again is Jesus' name which bugged me I know not everyone shares my faith but sometimes in instances like this I feel like I'm having someone throw their disbelief in my face over and over again I'm not a fan of swearing in books generally and this kind of ruined the book for me I can't recommend it to friends even though there were parts of the plot and character development that I loved

  • Stuart

    ePub ó Time Riders Time RidersLet's take a episode from the TV series Time Tunnel and write it in printWhat do three random strangers have in common? Well imagine this your having a normal day and then you are told by a complete stranger your about to die You have a choice either stay and face death or be pulled out from the situation you find yourself in and become a member of the Timeriders Or is that Time Tunnel? To me this does read like a lazy rip off from the old TV series There is even a episode similar to this novel OK sarcasm and rant aside for a YA book that being basically Parental Guidance in reading it's not too bad I certainly have read young ad

  • Annabel

    ePub ó Time Riders Time RidersUnf I really wanted to like this book than I didTime Riders has a simple but brilliant concept time police Whenever anyone goes back and tries to change the timeline they dash in guns a blazing and fix it along with the help of Bob a sort of android y being whose unemotional attitude leads to some occasionally hilarious oneliners The main characters aside from aforementioned android are Liam a boy who should have died on the Titanic in 1912 Maddy Ca

  • Jonathan Terrington

    ePub ó Time Riders Time RidersHaving just read the second of this series I believe it is time I retrace my steps and uickly review this fine novel Of course if you want a interesting read jump on to the second reviewAs far as YA reads go TimeRiders is brilliant There's a lot of action a lot of deaths and lots of technology Not to mention that a few brilliant twists and tension exist in spade loads throughout the gripping plot Of the two I have read there is no doubt the first is superior in terms of plot and wow factor Alex Scarrow writes well w

  • edifanob

    ePub ó Time Riders Time RidersAwesome read Hard to put down Can't wait to read the next book in the series Fortunately there will be NINE booksRead my full review over at Edi's Book Lighthouse