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A Long Long WayDe apartenenta la o mostenire culturala plina de tensiuni Teme legate de istoria traumatica a Irlandei si de natura dramatica a însasi conditiei de irlandez transpar în fiecare dintre scrierile lui Boss Grady's Boys The Steward of Christendom Our Lady of Sligo Hinterland si Whistling Psyche sunt printre cele mai complexe piese ale lui Barry care dramatizeaza probleme acute privind memoria identitara a Irlandei Aceleasi interese au orientat si tematica romanelor sale exceptie facând Elsewhere the Adventures of Belemus un roman pentru copii Înainte sa fi fost inclus pe lista scurta la Man Booker Prize cu romanul Calea cea lunga Barry fusese aclamat pentru The Whereabouts of Eneas McNulty roman tradus în sapte limbi urmat în s

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Curt timp de Annie Dunne o poveste plasata în anii ' în Wicklow tinutul în care traieste azi scriitorulCalea cea lunga se concentreaza pe conflictul trait de soldatii irlandezi trimisi sa lupte alaturi de trupele britanice în timpul celui de Al Doilea Razboi Mondial Willie Dunne fi gura centrala a romanului este exponentul unei întregi generatii de irlandezi despre care autorul însusi spunea ca „au fost prinsi pe partea gresita a istoriei Discriminati pe front de fratii de arme britanici soldatii irlandezi o data întorsi acasavor fi tratati drept tradatori de conationali Un alt episod din conflictul mocnit dintre Irlanda si Anglia într un roman în care brutalitatea intrigii se însoteste paradoxal cu gratia stilului Alina Purcar

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[Ebook] ➦ A Long Long Way By Sebastian Barry – Connecfloor.co.uk Format în cel mai pur spirit irlandez Sebastian Barry originar din Dublin este unul dintre scriitorii care n au ocolit nici un gen literar Premiat în nenumarate rânduri pentru piesele sale Barry sEbook A Long Long Way By Sebastian Barry Connecfloorcouk Format în cel mai pur spirit irlandez Sebastian Barry originar din Dublin este unul dintre scriitorii care n au ocolit nici un gen literar Premiat în nenumarate rânduri pentru piesele sale Barry s Format în cel mai pur spirit irlandez Sebastian Barry originar din Dublin este unul dintre scriitorii care n au ocolit nici un gen literar Premiat în nenumarate rânduri pentru piesele sale Barry s a bucurat de aprecierile criticilor si în calitate de romancier A Long Kindle si poet Fiu al actritei Joan O'Hara Sebastian Barry a fost educat la Trinity College în Dublin oras care l a racordat puternic la cauza irlandeza si care i a insuflat un simt acut

A Long Long Way reader ¿ text Sebastian Barry is an Irish playwright novelist and poet He is noted for his dense literary writing style and is considered one of Ireland's finest writersBarry's literary career began in poetry before he began writing plays and novels In recent years his fiction A Long Kindle - writing has surpassed his work in the theatre in terms of success having once been considered a playwright who wrote occasional nove.

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  • Lori

    A Long Long Way reader ¿ text A Long Long WayOh Willie Dunn a painfully earnest young man off to the trenches He loves his family his girl and his comrades at that tender age when life is all first times The Algerians were just over to his right The Algerians sang fine strange songs most of the day and at night now he could hear them laughing and talking in a sort of endless excitementThe trench was soon looking fairly smartThat's fucking better now' said the sergeant major religiouslyThey did all that and then lurked in the perfected trench getting muggy like old boxers The poor human mind played ueer tricks and you could forget even your name betimes and even the point of being there aside enduring the unstoppable blather of the guns What day oftentimes it was Willie would forgetThen a different day arrive

  • Violet wells

    A Long Long Way reader ¿ text A Long Long WayThis novel about the experiences of an Irish private during WW1 didn’t really engage me until about the half way point when it did massively improve Firstly I felt the author bluffed his way a bit through WW1 – sacrificing detail to abstractions which meant I never uite felt myself in the boots of a private on a WW1 battlefield And the grandiose biblical Hemingwayesue prose style dwarfed the characters for me turned them into puppets which maybe was clever as what else were all those young men who lost their lives in that daft war Like

  • Dem

    A Long Long Way reader ¿ text A Long Long WayA long long way written by Sebastian Barry was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2005 and tells an amazing and extremely well written storyThis is the third novel I have read by Barry and have to say he is fast becoming one of my favourite writersThis is the story of Willie Dunne who at the age of eighteen is too short to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a policeman in Dublin but who is old enough to volunteer and fight for England in World War 1 and so Willie leaves behind Dublin his family and the girl he plans to marry to enlist in the allied forces in the Great War partly to prove himself a man and please his father At the time of the first world war there was an understanding among the Irish people that I

  • Cathrine ☯️

    A Long Long Way reader ¿ text A Long Long Way5★A sorrowful gut wrenching tale of the horrors of WWI and the boys who went off to fight for “King and Country” hoping to come into their “bloody manhood at last” The author expertly leads the reader through gruesome warfare in the trenches with beautiful prose and likable but doomed characters The dawn and horror of chemical warfare makes its deadly debut“The gas boiled in like a familiar ogre With the same stately gracelessness it rolled to the edge of parapet and then like the heads of a many headed creature it toppled gently forward and sank down to join the waiting men The evil gas lay sown in the trench like a bedspread and as gas came over it filled the trench to the brim and passed on then its ghostly hordes to the support lines and the reserve lines ambitious for choice murders”That’s just the beginning as Barry will not spare the reader the horror that comes and I do not us

  • Steve

    A Long Long Way reader ¿ text A Long Long WayCertain mental images can be a little too vivid When it comes to WW1 the permamuck of the trenches the seared throats from deadly gases and the pants soiling horror of seeing a comrade’s detached body parts inches away are associations powerful enough to shut us down There’s only so far we can extend our comprehension in the face of palpable terror So how does a good author milk it a little getting us past the autonomic desensitization and back into the boots of shared experience In Sebastian Barry’s case he creates a character so earnest and eager to please that he seems custom built as an empathy magnet The fully realized inner life of Willie Dunne the 18 year old central figure a Dubliner gone off to fight England’s war combined with a fascinating account of the politics of Irish Home Rule made for uite a story It was beautifully writte

  • Cheri

    A Long Long Way reader ¿ text A Long Long Way45 Stars ”He was born in the dying days It was the withering end of 1896 He was called William after the long dead Orange King because his father took an interest in such distant matters” ”He was a little baby and would be always a little boy He was like the thin upper arm of a beggar with a few meager bones shot through him provisional and bare When he broke from his mother he made a mewling sound like a wounded cat over and over That was the night of a storm that would not be a famous storm But for all that it rattled the last leaves out of the regal oaks in the old pleasure gardens behind the hospital and it drove the wet harvest along the gutters and into the gaping drains and down into the unknown avenues of the gr

  • Howard

    A Long Long Way reader ¿ text A Long Long WayIt’s a long way to TipperaryIt’s a long way to goIt’s a long way to little Mary To the sweetest girl I knowGoodbye PiccadillyFarewell Leicester SuareIt’s a long way to TipperaryBut my heart’s right thereWorld War I the Great War as it was then known has produced some outstanding novels recounting the horrific mind numbing dehumanizing experiences of common soldiers locked in the death grip of trench warfare In the past year I have read two of those books Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden and Fear by Gabriel Chevallier and reread another All uiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarue These stories are told from the perspective of three different nationalities – Canadi

  • Julie

    A Long Long Way reader ¿ text A Long Long WayThe best book I've read in a handful of yearsI was moved beyond words by the lyrical beauty of the prose in this novel and by the way it shredded every sentimental thought I'd ever had about the First World War the sentimentality of bravery and morality and justice and incorruptibility Barry's book created fresh wounds within me and healed them later within the same paragraph only to create a general ache and heartbreak for an entire generation that was lost Our young protagonist

  • Julie Christine

    A Long Long Way reader ¿ text A Long Long WayThis was short listed for the 2005 Man Booker I'm certain it will be among my top five reads of 2008It's the story of a young Irish soldier caught between the warfields of Belgium and the battle raging at home between the royalists and the nationalists It's the most graphic and revealing treatment of WWI I've encountered particularly of trench warfare and the horrors of mustar

  • Chrissie

    A Long Long Way reader ¿ text A Long Long WayOn completionI thoroughly loved this book I finished listening to it and was desperate for I re listened to the last chapters Then I thought I simply cannot leave this book I searched to see what other books Sebastian Barry has written This is the first of a trilogy followed by first Annie Dunne and then On Canaan's Side I read what these books were about The central theme of these books diverge; they are not about WW1 And this is the topic that I want of So I checked out The Absolutist and even listened