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Read & Download Steam Spurs 104 Ä ❴PDF❵ ✅ Steam Spurs Author Johnny Stone – Steam Spurs by Johnny StoneThe year is 1893 and Earth is a place of wondrous steam driven machines during the Victorian age of Imperialism Spacecraft prowl the stars colonizing alien worlds while batt Steam Spurs by Johnny StoneThe year is PDF Steam Spurs Author Johnny Stone Steam Spurs by Johnny StoneThe year is 1893 and Earth is a place of wondrous steam driven machines during the Victorian age of Imperialism Spacecraft prowl the stars colonizing alien worlds while batt Steam Spurs by Johnny StoneThe year is and Earth is a place of wondrous steam driven machines during the Victorian age of Imperialism Spacecraft prowl the stars colonizing alien worlds while battling the barbaric pirates of Mars It’s a world where the Confederate States of America won the civil war and the Republic of Texas finally gained its independence to stand alone as a sovereign country It’s a time of leather and calico lace of Techno music and perpetual motion tec.

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Tain death passes him by again and againRainia Morwin Captain of the British luxury liner the Dreaming Star is a Venutian Mistress with years of experience in dominating men She’s a strong woman with a mind as sharp as her tongue But she’s also a secretive switch craving the wonderful bliss of a domineering male hand with the unwavering strength and persistence to take what is rightfully theirs from a woman if they’re able Her search for a new Master a loving man that can fulfill the needs she so desperately craves again after so many years of dimming hope is about to be found in an unlikely sourceThis sultry novel is brought to you by the author of The Devil’s Dance Steam Spurs has something for everyone; suspense suspension sex fighting guns whips..

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Steam SpursHnology giving birth to twisted sense of farfetched dreams commonly known as SteampunkBut there’s one man who lives life by his own terms trapped in the past while thumbing his nose at modern society as he carves a place in history using nothing but a gun and his stubborn courage He’s a war hero an Indian fighter a Texas Ranger and a bounty hunter; and his name is Johnny StoneJohnny is an outwardly gruff old west personality with a subdued code of rustic honor in an age that continues to pass him by with leaps and bounds Throughout his life he’s always had a knack for showing up at the wrong place at the wrong time He’s a man with a seemingly charmed life and a haunted past walking on the razors edge of danger and tempting fate often than not as cer.

Read & Download Steam Spurs 104 I was born near Minneapolis MN but have lived in numerous places across the US and have done a lot of traveling around the world in general I also lived in Austria for a year Saudi Arabia for around three and Germany for sixWhile overseas I traveled to places such as England Switzerland France Italy India Kuwait Bahrain and EgyptI've always enjoyed reading but have found my true lo.

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  • KitReads (a.k.a. nd)

    Read & Download Steam Spurs 104 Steam SpursYES YES YES Another five star book from Johnny Stone I've enjoyed everything I've read from this author but this book was by far the best It made me laugh it brought me close to tears it made me want to fight right alon

  • Leisha

    Read & Download Steam Spurs 104 Steam SpursTo be perfectly honest I did not expect to enjoy this book as much as I did yes sure I am a huge fan of the author's writing but at first glance the content ticked just about every single box of things that I'm not familiar with or do not usually read Stone has once again managed to surprise me big time This novel is probably one of his most fun novels it is plain and simply entertaining and does everything

  • Sandi - Protester of Goofreads

    Read & Download Steam Spurs 104 Steam SpursFirst let me get the less than positive comments out of the way Like most ebooks I've read this one could use a good editor The author's wonderful use of the English language is impacted by the misspellings incorrect words use This was my first foray into Steam Punk I don't know how much is typical of the genre but at first I had a problem with the Laws of Nature and Physics being ignored; such as sitting outside on the deck of a space ship in outer space But then I decided to just 'go with it' and enjoy the story Enjoy it I did It's a delight to read it doesn't drag or slow down ever Johnny a cowboy has gone into space for the first time traveling to a planet on an assignment he becomes involved with the female commander of the ship an alien As I said the author's word usage is a treat both in depicting Johnny's emotions

  • ♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme

    Read & Download Steam Spurs 104 Steam SpursI have to think on this one The sex was interesting The story didn't pull me in I'm torn on this oneUpdateJohnny Stone is a throwback uncivilized cowboy from the proud Republic of Texas In this alternate world where Steampunk replaces electronic technology Johnny is a broken bounty hunter with nothing to lose His latest assignment sounds like a suicide mission which he hasn’t thought out clearly Ill prepared he’s constantly humiliated by others on the ship he’s taking to his destination The only redeeming light is his encoun

  • SassySami

    Read & Download Steam Spurs 104 Steam SpursTo rehash the teaser Johnny a bounty hunter is on his way to retrieve some dirtbag from Uranus when he boards a ship captained by the seemingly indomitable Rainia Born to a race of Dominant women who keep male slaves Rainia secretly yearns to be dominated and hopes the rugged cowboy boarding her ship can satisfy her than the rich soft men she usually encounters on board Johnny is than willing to help out and uickly discovers that he enjoys dominating and humiliating her as much as she enjoys being on the receiving end Lots of sex some humiliation a little femdom and a big alien fight hope I didn't give anything away round out the storySo what did I think of it I enjoyed the hell out of it The steampunk was well done with a well built world that had enough of a description to come to life but not so much that every gadge

  • A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol)

    Read & Download Steam Spurs 104 Steam SpursBook source Many thanks to Pink Flamingo for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest reviewJohnny Stone is a rough and gruff old school Texan who has been through the grinder over his 50 some years Once a soldier fighting for the Republic of Texas and later a Texas Ranger he’s now a bounty hunter picking and choosing the jobs he wants When he agrees to go to Uranus to find and bring home the son of his client and he boards the airship the HMS Dreaming Star he has no idea he’s about to learn something completely new about hi

  • carol

    Read & Download Steam Spurs 104 Steam SpursThis is the first story I've read by Johnny Stone and in the Steampunk BDSM genre Firstly you need to suspend disbelief and go with the fact that steam ships and pirate ships can defy all known laws of physics and sail through space on solar wind and that humans can breathe in space and that pirates take the form of Martians A little like a traditional Cowboys and Indians story upgr

  • celticminx (aka: kristi or "k")

    Read & Download Steam Spurs 104 Steam SpursOnce again Good Reads book clubs leads me to broaden my horizons and read something I wouldn’t have normally grabbed on my ownJohnny Stone crates a delicious world set in the Steampunk era that ueen Victoria herself would have enjoyed This story is all that you would wish for in this type of setting Add one real wild Texan cowboy with horse in tow and loaded for bear one haughty and seductive alien Captain along with a ship load of Royal Marines floating through space Throw in a few marauding ships of Martian pirates and a whole lot of rough and tumble hot down and dirty sex in between and you have yourself one hell of a sexy and exciting story The hero coincidentally has the same name as the author Johnny Stone is a real Texas cowboy with a colorful past He’s a bounty hunter and he has business in Uranus To get there he and his trusty steed Horse must embark on a Brit

  • Jessa ♥dhanger♥ EvilDarkSide

    Read & Download Steam Spurs 104 Steam SpursSteam Spurs is definitely a wild ride The year is 1893 and instead of horse drawn carriages you have steam driven motor carriagesand forget plain old ships for transport because you could be a passenger on an steam powered airship that has the ability to take you to other planets Johnny Stone bounty hunter who prefers to keep both feet on the ground but must take an airship to an off planet location for his next assignment His old west cowboy mannerisms immediately gain the attention of the ship's Captain His 'don't take shit from anyone' attitude gets him a bad reputation among the other passengers But Johnny isn't looking to impress anyone He just wants to get his job done and to hell with anything else Captain Rainia Morwin senses something in Johnny Stone as soon as she lays eyes on him He possesses a certain strength and domineering attitude that

  • Rustye

    Read & Download Steam Spurs 104 Steam SpursWhat a fun read I read this book in one sitting and just totally enjoyed it Steam Spurs has lots of smut with some