➵ One Download ➾ Author Patrick Holland – The last bushrangers in Australian history James and Patrick Kenniff were at the height at their horse thieving operation at turn of the 20th century In One troops cannot pull the Kenniff Gang out ofOne Download Author Patrick Holland Connecfloorcouk The last bushrangers in Australian history James and Patrick Kenniff were at the height at their horse thieving operation at turn of the 20th century In One troops cannot pull the Kenniff Gang out of The last bushrangers in Australian history James and Patrick Kenniff were at the height at their horse thie

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Ecially Jim Kenniff who becomes for him an emblem of the violence that resides in the heart of the countryFrom the award winning author of The Mary Smokes Boys One is a novel of minimalist lyrical beauty that traverses the intersections between violence and love It asks what right One man has to impose his will on another and whether the written law can ever answer the law of the heart

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OneVing operation at turn of the th century In One troops cannot pull the Kenniff Gang out of the ranges and plains of Western ueensland – the brothers know the terrain too well and the locals are sympathetic to their escapades When a policeman and a station manager go out on patrol from tiny Upper Warrego Station and disappear Sergeant Nixon makes it his mission to pursue the gang esp

FREE READER ¼ TEXT↠ Patrick Holland grew up in outback ueensland Australia He worked as a stockman until taking up literary studies at Griffith University He has studied Chinese and Vietnamese at universities in Beijing ingdao and SaigonHis work attempts a strict minimalism inspired by Arvo Pärt and takes up geographical and theological themes focussing on life’s simplest elements light and dark; noise soun.

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  • Lisa

    FREE READER ¼ TEXT↠ OneOne’ is both a number and a pronoun It’s not just the lowest cardinal number alluding perhaps to ‘one against the world’ it’s also half of two So it can draw attention to duality in an individual – an alter ego a second self a Jekyll and Hyde or good and evil in the same character ‘One’ can also focus the mind on the interdependence of two characters being two sides of the one coin Among numerous other meanings ‘one’ can also mean ‘the same’ or ‘identical’ as in ‘there’s only one’ and it can mean ‘one amongst many’ suggesting perhaps that in one gang there may be only one man that matters And as a pronoun again amongst other meanings it can also refer to a person representing people in general an impersonal pronoun as used in the last sentence of my previous paragra

  • Felix

    FREE READER ¼ TEXT↠ OneA fine writer and a great book

  • Christine Bongers

    FREE READER ¼ TEXT↠ OneA lyrical and haunting tale set in the ranges and plains of western ueensland at the beginning of the 20th century The dogged pursuit of Australia's last bushrangers has the feel of a western capturing the schisms within and between men as well as the loves and fears that unite them

  • Alex Rogers

    FREE READER ¼ TEXT↠ OneVery good Who doesn't like a good bushranger tale and this one is powerful well researched beautifully written strongly evocative of the time and place I really liked it And happy to see that

  • Chris Johnson

    FREE READER ¼ TEXT↠ OneA magnificent spartan historical novel set in the bush country west and north of Brisbane Australia It's the turn of the 20th century and Sergeant Nixon sets out to find and either arrest or kill the bushrangers Paddy and Jim Kenniff Landscape and memory are as much characters in this novel as any of the people who populate the story Holland helps the reader feel

  • David Winger

    FREE READER ¼ TEXT↠ OneThough it's been out for a few months I'd been slow in getting to this one as I thought Holland had finally hit subject matter I couldn't get interested in Australian bushrangers It took me a page On the surface of this novel is a deftly handle chase At the heart is a profound and nuanced ideological battle But it's at the line level that Holland stands out in Australian literature Not even Castro or Malouf can be so relied upon to deliver those phrases sentences those moments of poetry that open up new vistas of experience like the first time you tasted a peach or saw snow or landed in a foreign country There are passages in 'One' that will turn your heart upside down and leave you changedI'll end with a promise that I don't know whether to call happy or sober but I can guarantee you that the next winner of the Booker Prize will win it with a book not eual to t

  • Adam Blond

    FREE READER ¼ TEXT↠ OneI liked this book Not in the genre that I normally read The book had the feel of an American western but purely Australian in content A lot of the bush ranger stories in Australia can be a bit dull I found this book to be very en

  • Abigail

    FREE READER ¼ TEXT↠ OneAt the risk of upsetting the natives I've not been very enthralled with many Aussie novel writers To the point of being rather put off to be honestSo its a real joy to have stumbled across this one Some great writing that takes the reader along on a wild ride with The Kenniff Brothers a couple of ruthless bushrangers and the lawmen trying to capture them With racial tension simmering in the background and a strong sense of the land Holland gives such depth to the psyches of these two ruthless killers that it is hard not to feel some empathy and understanding for themA great Au

  • Maggie Chen

    FREE READER ¼ TEXT↠ OneThis novel is exuisite The chase the violent conflict physical and moral at its heart I'm embarassed to say I've never heard of the Kenniffs Australia's last bushrangers But I'll never forget them now As wonderful as the story and characters are for me especially the girl who even without a name impresses herself so forcefully on the story it's the Australian landscape that is the hero of this novel so very hard so very beautiful burning with gold and vermillion mysterious in its darknesses; ultimately mysterious Along with Life of Pi this is the best novel I've read this year

  • Cosied

    FREE READER ¼ TEXT↠ OneBeautifully written story about the hunt for the last bushrangers in Australia It reminded me very much of The Burial by Courtney Collins a story about a female bushranger uite poignant in its portrayal of the policeman Nixon relentlessly pursuing the outlaws and Jim Kenniff the leader of the gang Who was in the right Captures the period and the starkness of the landscape really well