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❮Read❯ ➸ Jefferson and Hamilton ➻ Author John Ferling – Connecfloor.co.uk From the award winning author of Almost a Miracle and The Ascent of George Washington this is the rare work of scholarship that offers us irresistible human drama even as it enriches our understandingRead Jefferson and Hamilton Author John Ferling Connecfloorcouk From the award winning author of Almost a Miracle and The Ascent of George Washington this is the rare work of scholarship that offers us irresistible human drama even as it enriches our understanding From the award winning author of Almost a Miracle and The Ascent of George Washington this is the rare work of scholarship that offers us irresistible human drama even as it enriches our Jefferson and PDFEPUB or understanding of deep themes in our nation's historyThe decade of the s has been called the “age of passion” Fervor ran high as rival fa

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Ctions battled over the course of the new republic each side convinced that the other's goals would betray the legacy of the Revolution so recently fought and so dearly won All understood as well that what was at stake was not a moment's political advantage but the future course of the American experiment in democracy In this epochal debate no two figures loomed larger than Thomas Jefferson and Alexander HamiltonBoth men were visionaries but their visions of what the United States should be were diametrically opposed Jefferson a true revolutionary believed passionately in individual liberty and a egalitarian society with a weak central government and greater powers for the stat

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Jefferson and HamiltonEs Hamilton a brilliant organizer and tactician feared chaos and social disorder He sought to build a powerful national government that could ensure the young nation's security and drive it toward economic greatnessJefferson and Hamilton is the story of the fierce struggle both public and ultimately bitterly personal between these two titans It ended only with the death of Hamilton in a pistol duel felled by Aaron Burr Jefferson's vice president Their competing legacies like the twin strands of DNA continue to shape our country to this day Their personalities their passions and their bold dreams for America leap from the page in this epic new work from one of our finest historians

ebook  Jefferson and Hamilton Ï John E Ferling is a professor emeritus of history at the University of West Georgia A leading authority on American Revolutionary history he is the author of several books including A Leap in Jefferson and PDF/EPUB or the Dark The Struggle to Create the American Republic Almost a Miracle The American Victory in the War of Independence and his most recent work The Ascent of George Washington The Hidden Politi.

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  • Steven Z.

    ebook  Jefferson and Hamilton Ï Jefferson and HamiltonBefore John Ferling delves into the background philosophies and careers of his subjects in his JEFFERSON AND HAMILTON THE RIVALRY THAT FORGED A NATION he exposes the reader to a meditation on how the third president and the first Secretary of the Treasury have been evaluated by successive generations At the outset Jefferson was seen favorably as he was deemed to be a democratic populist who defended the liberties of all while Hamilton was viewed as the spokesperson for the rich upper class or “monarchical party” This characterization existed through most of the 19th century as Jeffersonian agrarianism fought off the evolution of industrialization Men like Andrew Jackson and William Jennings Bryan claimed Jefferson’s mantle while Theodore Roosevelt and his adherents at the turn of the 20th century believed in Hamilton’s vision of American power influence and eco

  • Marilyn

    ebook  Jefferson and Hamilton Ï Jefferson and HamiltonOne of my professors in college was Broadus Mitchell He was the foremost Hamiltonian scholar of his day author of multiple biographies of Hamilton and associates Not surprisingly my freshman year at Hofstra's New College with Broadus Mitchell was an intensive study of Alexander Hamilton and the founding of America The textbook was surprise one o

  • Sarah (Presto agitato)

    ebook  Jefferson and Hamilton Ï Jefferson and HamiltonThis book compares and contrasts the political viewpoints of Jefferson and Hamilton starting with biographical background on each and then focusing on their time in Washington's cabinet and their political disagreements afterwards It is a readable study that is generally fair to its subjects Something about Hamilton and Jefferson seems to inspire their biographers to take sides even than 200 years later so it is refreshing to get a balanced view I do take issue with the author's choice to frame some of the debate in an anachronistic conservativeliberal dichotomy meant to be analogous to our current era For example Ferling characterizes Hamilton's choice to back the Constitution as conservative I understand that he is contrasting Hamilton's reserved views about popular rule to Jefferson's democratic stance but

  • Aaron Crofut

    ebook  Jefferson and Hamilton Ï Jefferson and HamiltonNot an impressive work I'm afraid because it seems to lack a purpose If it is a dual biography it needs a lot of fleshing out I don't think anything was added to what Chernow said concerning Hamilton and a great deal was left out He certainly did not come alive on these pages and the issues Hamilton tackled are not presented in nearly as much depth The presentation on Jefferson comes to an end with the death of Hamilton despite the fact that Jefferson's presidency continued for than four years As inadeuate as this is 90% of the book deals with the personages and events rather than the ideologies they espoused Discussion of their ideas is dispersed repetitive and not particularly in depth The buildup to the War of 1812 including the Embargo Act of 1807 is nowhere to be found The continued debate over the First and Second Banks of the United States are missing as well Hamilton may have died in 1804 but the problems he dealt with didn't And then there's page 361 Among the many many

  • Grumpus

    ebook  Jefferson and Hamilton Ï Jefferson and HamiltonGreat book As a big readerlistener of US Revolutionary time period I have read many books about Jefferson and my favorite founding father Hamilton I have read many outstanding biographies of these men which as you would expect follow their lives chronologically What I loved about this book was that it followed these two men simultaneously When one of the two was doing something at a certain point in their life we learn was the other was doing at that time Not just at pivotal moments in their lives but also the mundane As I said I would say I am a student of this period of US History and this book provided many additional insights simply due to the way the information was presented A great read

  • Jason

    ebook  Jefferson and Hamilton Ï Jefferson and HamiltonOne could read the introduction to say the author believes Thomas Jefferson euals Bill Clinton and Alexander Hamilton euals George W Bush The introduction also contains the assertion that the Declaration of Independence proclaimed that “all men are born eual” when it says we are created eual After that inauspicious start the first two thirds of the book are well done relatively concise parallel biographies of the two title subjects Readers could pick up most of what they should know about them here Their public accomplishments and private failures are both covered in a compelling narrativeAs with all too many men who ach

  • Cameron H

    ebook  Jefferson and Hamilton Ï Jefferson and HamiltonWhen you read a book like this I think it’s fair to expect a certain degree of objectivity You want the facts of the subjects’ lives and philosophies to be presented in an hopefully engaging manner with little editorializing Unfortunately Ferling can’t seem to keep his own bias under control It’s very clear from the beginning that Ferling prefers one man over the other and that man’s name rhymes with Jhomas TeffersonBeneath a veneer of impartiality time and again Ferling

  • Joshua

    ebook  Jefferson and Hamilton Ï Jefferson and HamiltonFerling has a solid reputation as a scholar but I can't say I felt like I found that here This book was a mess I give it two stars only because it is at least reasonably researched I have several large issues with this book Firstly the book is barely about 'the rivalry that forged a nation' Second it is uite obvious that Ferling considers Hamilton the villain and Jefferson the hero Third I honestly don't think Ferling did a good job of understanding either character This book suffers from perilously poor direction Up until about Chapter 9 it is an unnecessarily detailed but oddly empty look at the lives of our titular characters until that point before either one of them met the other In terms of what we needed to frame the rivalry the first eight chapters I think could have been condensed into as few as two

  • Charles Gonzalez

    ebook  Jefferson and Hamilton Ï Jefferson and HamiltonAs an avid Hamiltonian I sought this book out for its uniue take on the two Founders Unlike other reviewers who found the treatment of Hamilton incomplete I enjoyed the author's approach which in my mind sought to describe the key aspects of both lives and their intertwining when it occurred I read Chernow when it appeared and other volumes to know enough of the detail of Hamilton's life In a relatively short 362 pages effort Ferling nicely grasps the key elements of both mens personality and political philosophy This would not be the book for most readers unacuainted with the lives of these Founders but the parallel description does seek to connect the dots between these two remarkable and historically essential men The story ultimately ends on a sad note and Ferling does a go

  • stormin

    ebook  Jefferson and Hamilton Ï Jefferson and HamiltonThis was a really well researched and insightful look into two lives I like the way it was framed as two opposing poles that have shaped American politics throughout history but the actual text largely biographical didn't pay as much attention to the thesis which is about political philosophy as I would have liked What I'm really hankering for now is an intellectual history of how Hamiltonianism and Jeffersonianism have persisted through the fabric of American history over the past coup