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The king of Duiem to bond to one of royal blood is fulfilled But fate sends an escaping slave stumbling into the ceremony and Kaji ends up bonded to a total stranger Shy and withdrawn Aniol is an exotic enigma a puzzle for the impatient and headstrong Kaji to solve amidst growing chaos His world is a shambles His people are at war The prophecy is lost And he is in.

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Gatekeeper[Reading] Gatekeeper Rayne Auster Duiem the Land of Earth and Fire is doomed to destruction unless a prophecy reuiring Kaji the king of Duiem to bond to one of royal blood is fulfilled But fate sends an escaping slave stumbling into t Duiem the Land of Earth and Fire is doomed to destruction unless a prophecy reuiring Kaji.

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Gatekeeper Summary Å 107 ´ [Reading] ➶ Gatekeeper ➬ Rayne Auster – Duiem the Land of Earth and Fire is doomed to destruction unless a prophecy reuiring Kaji the king of Duiem to bond to one of royal blood is fulfilled But fate sends an escaping slave stumbling into t Duiem the Land of Earth and Fire is doomed to destrExplicably and passionately drawn to his new bondmate A painful betrayal forces Kaji and Aniol on an impossible uest guided only by a myth that tells of a gate leading to the Land of Air and Water Though facing incredible danger they must find that mystical gate for its keeper holds the key to both Duiem's salvation and the secret behind Kaji and Aniol's growing love..

Gatekeeper Summary Å 107 Rayne Auster always had a passion for writing However growing up she didn’t have the patience to finish what she started Most of her projects died before even seeing the light of day While studying for a master's degree in computer science she decided to post what she wrote online That is when she discovered the joy of sharing the stories in her head Unable to bear the thought of leaving h.

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  • Rachel Haimowitz

    Gatekeeper Summary Å 107 GatekeeperI think I need to call this one uits as I've put it down several times and haven't come back to it for weeks now despite my repeated intentions to finish itI will say this the world the author crafted was uite compelling I wanted to know The characters are on the interesting side as well though I think there were some serious issues with how the development of their relationship was handled as in not at all one second they were strangers the next second the big strong roy

  • Jimmy Hanson

    Gatekeeper Summary Å 107 GatekeeperI have to give this one a solid 3 star because although the storyline was fantastic and imaginative the writing style took most of the glamour away I wanted to read it and love it so badly that I didn't even contemplate putting it down which is saying alot no matter how almost painful it was to hold on toRayne Auster has fantastic potential but a bit of a way to go before reaching her peak Her imagination is beautiful but her writing and style need to mature a great dealHer characters are all lively if a bit 2 dimensional although they bleed together because apparently all of them no matter how stoic or strong they are stated as being run the gamut of emotions from sadness to fear to uncertainty to rage all in the same paragraph For every character Comparisons were made that did not make much sense or did not pan out well and potentially great scenes were skipped entirely filled by a chapter break and picking up days later without explanation The be

  • M&

    Gatekeeper Summary Å 107 GatekeeperI am going to rate the story only I do not dare to touch editing without stars crumbling downAs it is moody characters WTH moments and all 35 stars

  • Wenda

    Gatekeeper Summary Å 107 GatekeeperI can't say enough good things about Gatekeeper Strangely enough I kept putting off reading this story for some reason I love the cover art the blurb intrigued and interested me and yet it kept getting pushed down the listAniol is a strange young man accidentally bonded to Kaji King of Duiem We learn he is a Gatekeeper even though nobody really knows what that is any Duiem Land of Gold only knows Gatekeepers as legend Careil the opposite of Duiem known as the Land of Silver has completely forgotten Gatekeepers This story takes us on an incredible journey of discovery across two worlds setting things right as Aniol learns what it means to be a GatekeeperI was kept intrigued actually let the housework slide 8 o throughout trying to figure out what would happen next what the meaning of this and that was rooting for Aniol and Kaji My only disappointment was that the wrap up with the antagonist on Duiem no I won't say seems rushed and uickstill it kind of wor

  • Yayanime

    Gatekeeper Summary Å 107 GatekeeperI gave this book a four because although I really did only like the book the world and ideas that Rayne Auster presented were so fabulously uniue The reason this book isn't a five star book IMO is because I got bored Bored of the characters Bored and tired of reading the little excerpts that were included before each chapter even though they pertained to the story lol Okay it should in all honesty have been a five star book It just didn't make me want to fangirl sueal and also the main relationship of the book felt a little rushed and they didn't interact with dialogue as much as I like There were a couple of very cute moments but that's just it only a couple and a couple can't make up for a book seemingly devoid of proper chemistry that could be stimulated by enough witty dialogue Again like I said this is all in my opinion I

  • Karel

    Gatekeeper Summary Å 107 GatekeeperOkay I actually made it to 50% this time I might actually be able to finish this on attempt #3Some points It has got an extremely awkward narrative going Long paragraphs the kind you might find in Bloodraven with half the straightforwardness For a fantasy world there's barely any detail to it I have no idea what the architecture or social hierarchy looks like because from start to end it's all about their sexual frustrations Kaji is some kind of king and he signs a lot of papers and they have a dungeon That'

  • Lilli *slowest reader ever*

    Gatekeeper Summary Å 107 GatekeeperIt's been a while since I read this book and on a whim I picked it up today to do a skim reread I'm sure this is a word somewhere Again I was like WOW on the intriguing fantasy world that took shape combined with interesting characters and so much potential overallThis will not be a book for everyone The main pairing is rather stereotypical in regards to their roles and behaviou

  • Charles

    Gatekeeper Summary Å 107 GatekeeperHigh Fantasy Romance pretty much says it allI am a bit disappointed that gender roles still played such a large part There was the lead male character who was pretty manly but his primary love interest behaved in such a traditionally female way that it was hard to believe he was actually a boyIt's a problem recurrent throughout Shonen AiYaoi Manga as well Which if you like you'll love this book it would easily fit into that genera assuming of course that it had fewer words and pictures

  • Nene

    Gatekeeper Summary Å 107 GatekeeperI had a big debate with myself on the rating for this one because on one hand I really loved the story and the world building but on the other there were a couple elements that kept throwing me out of the story as I was reading In the end the elements that bothered me won out in how I rated First of all Aniol is a big ole cry baby No really he sobs hysterically about 137 times Okay maybe that's a slight exageration but I can only have sympathy for a character who cries a couple times before I just roll my eyes and get tired of it The other thing that bothered me was the blurbs at the beginning of each chapter While informative they consistently threw me out of the story and the chapters themselves were so short that it felt like I was constantly having to reboot and get back into the flow The pluses were definitely the world building and

  • Bookbee

    Gatekeeper Summary Å 107 Gatekeeper35 Stars rounded up to 4I bought this because I loved the cover art yeah I'm shallow like that sometimes ; but then put off reading it for a really really long time because I'm not a huge fan of fantasy fiction Now having read it I found it to be surprisingly good Not that the book doesn't have some problems which are well documented in other's reviews Still the world building was fascinating and the characters interesting