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➮ [Read] ➪ La comemadre By Roque Larraquy ➺ – La comemadre ofrece dos relatos ue hunden sus raíces en la misma materia y abrevan en las mismas obsesiones De un lado un médico ue se ve envuelto en una iniciativa científica descabellada y cruelRead La comemadre By Roue Larrauy Connecfloorcouk La comemadre ofrece dos relatos ue hunden sus raíces en la misma materia y abrevan en las mismas obsesiones De un lado un médico ue se ve envuelto en una iniciativa científica descabellada y cruel La comemadre ofrece dos relatos ue hunden sus raíces en la misma materia y abrevan en las mismas obsesiones De un lado un médico

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Sta a comienzos de Luego como resultado de una apuesta artística radical exitosa y finalmente banal en los inicios del siglo XXI En el centro de esta novela puntuada por el humor y la velocidad de su cadencia narrativa flota la idea de lo monstruoso Roue Larrauy lo presenta no ya de un modo ajeno o repudiable sino como el motor de un uimérico progreso colectivo o personal como una de las absurdas secuelas del amor

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La comemadreUe se ve envuelto en una iniciativa científica descabellada y cruel en un sanatorio suburbano Por otra parte un célebre artista plástico ue lleva al extremo su búsueda estética y se transforma él mismo en objeto de experimentaciónPor ambos hemisferios de este libro rondan la intervención sobre el cuerpo y la búsueda de la trascendencia Primero presentadas como derivación de una contrahecha esperanza positivi

La comemadre ebook ☆✓ roue larrauy .

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  • Adam Dalva

    La comemadre ebook ☆✓ roue larrauy La comemadreImpressively creepy novel with an unusual structure it's like a novella and a short story set 100 years apart with some interconnections The novella set in an Argentinian mental ward in 1907 is the stronger of the

  • Paul Fulcher

    La comemadre ebook ☆✓ roue larrauy La comemadre That’s what we’ll do because we have the means and because we were first to think of itComemadre translated by Heather Cleary also translator of Sergio Chejfec from Roue Larrauy's original has been longlisted for the 2019 Best Translated Book Award and was also longlisted for the 2018 National Book Award for translated literatureIt consists of two macabre novella length connected stories the first 85 pages long set in a sanatorium in near to Buenos Aires in 1097 the second shorter at just 50 pages also based around Buenos Aires but also internationally and set in 2009The first is narrated by one of the Doctors uintana his fellow medical staff as an odd bunch Doctor Papini trots toward me with his index finger to his lips in an appeal for silence He has freckles and a habit of fondling the breasts of unconscious old ladies He occasionally confides the details of his li

  • Andy Weston

    La comemadre ebook ☆✓ roue larrauy La comemadreStrange and off beat novels interest me and this one is most definitely one of these The doctors in a sanatorium just outside Buenos Aires in 1907 are a lively group They chase after a young nurse and joke with their patients many of whom are terminally ill and have their last hopes pinned on a supposed cure from Edinburgh What appears at first to be a comedic tale soon takes a very dark turn as the doctors come up wit

  • jeremy

    La comemadre ebook ☆✓ roue larrauy La comemadrei'm not entirely sure what the fuck just happened but whatever you might say about roue larrauy's comemadre la comemadre you sure as hell will have something to say a dizzying macabre yet ultimately deliriously delicious tale of medical testing decapitations botanically born flesh eating larvae unreuited love deformities and extreme art comemadre won't soon be easily forgotten if ever it is larrauy an argentinean director who has also penned two books comemadre being the first translated in

  • Agnese

    La comemadre ebook ☆✓ roue larrauy La comemadre At night we come up with daring plans that would change us completely were they to become a reality But these plans dissolve in the morning light and we go back to being the same mediocrities as before doggedly ruining our own lives Comemadre by Roue Larrauy translated from the Spanish by Heather Cleary is one of the most bizarre darkly comic and fascinating books that I've read this year This very short book that you could probably read in one sitting actually contains two storylines the first part is set in 1907 in a sanatorium in Argentina close to Buenos Aires and follows a group of doctors that are conducting gruesome experiments in order to investigate the threshold between life and death and the second part is set in 2007 and follows an avant garde artist and

  • Stacia

    La comemadre ebook ☆✓ roue larrauy La comemadreWhoaThere's definitely a horror aspect to much of it but oddbizarre horror not scare you in a dark room horror And amidst the horror there are a few very very darkly funny moments I read strange books I can definitely say this is one of the strangest most intriguing ones I've read in uite awhileDefinitely recommended for those that can handle weird horror oddness in generalKudos to the translator Heather Cleary to Coffee House Press an indie publishing house I like for getting this to other audiences

  • Marie-Therese

    La comemadre ebook ☆✓ roue larrauy La comemadre45 starsWildly funny brilliantly structured dark comedy that brings together the sanitarium and the experimental artist's studio in the most trenchant and richly satirical of ways Saying too much would give away some of the joy of reading this antic and absurd yet never less than wholly convincing bizarro world meditation on image identity the afterlife science and art so I'll just note that Larrauy is a masterful storyteller who manages to wring pathos out of the most ridiculous situations and insights out of the most grossly self absorbed characters all in a brief breathless rollicking tale so hard to put down that I felt I'd almost finished it before I started Perhaps the most fun I've had reading a book this year Kudos to Heather Cleary for her bravura translation and to Coffee House Press for publishing this How this book didn't make the short list for the 2018 National Book Awards Translated Literature prize is beyond me

  • Lauren

    La comemadre ebook ☆✓ roue larrauy La comemadre1907 Buenos Aires a small group of doctors at a sanitorium want to test a very macabre and evil theory Are the last words a dying person speaks a vision of the afterlife Pure poetry NonsenseThese doctors create a ruse of a miracle cure from Edinburgh All the patient will notice during the procedure is a slight pressure on the back of the neckThe book's opening section has a gallowsblack humor vibe The second section moving the story forward 100 years to modern Buenos Aires and another experimentation performance art troupeThere's an ancestral link between the two stories and the same darkness The first story is the longer and developed of the twoAn ominous beginning to #readingargentina but there were some interesting themes A few political and cultural monologues by characters in the story give a closer glimpse of historical rivalries betw

  • Jaclyn Crupi

    La comemadre ebook ☆✓ roue larrauy La comemadreSo frightening so funny

  • Jenn

    La comemadre ebook ☆✓ roue larrauy La comemadreThis was a dark and creepy novel that I purchased on a whim and I’m glad I did because overall I enjoyed reading it This was really two separate stories with slight connections The first story takes place in 1907 at a sanatorium in Buenos Aires and the second is set in about the same