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[EPUB] ✹ Illusionary Author LeAnn Mason – Connecfloor.co.uk Generations ago a new breed of human emerged The government fearing these new “Enhanced” isolated these families into communities boasting prison like perimeters to live in exile safeguarding theL waters if the team hopes to stop the assailant who enjoys pitting citizens against one another Those confrontations are coming to violent life ruining ends for anyone involved The suspect pool is large and powerful but the repercussions of failure put everyone she knows and loves at risk With so many possibilities of both suspects and victims Nat will test the limits of her ability and her sanity in order to track the illusionist and stop the tyranny

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Safeguarding the rest of the world from the anomaliesAs one of the few Enhanced humans whose gifts encompass the mental and physical spectrums Nathalee lives a life separate from others Even amongst those who the world segregates as potential weapons Nat is shunned for her telepathic abilities until she finds her opportunity to make a difference in their tiny world as an enforcerPart of a new experimental team Nathalee must wade through muddied menta

text Ö Illusionaryread LeAnn Mason is an author of YANA Urban Science Fantasy with prominent crime elements her debut novel Illusionary is set to release March When she's not writing she can be found out with her hubby and two munchkins around their Oklahoma home either herding chickens or racing ATVs Though currently horseless she has been riding since her early teen years and adores the giant animals so.

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IllusionaryEPUB Illusionary Author LeAnn Mason Connecfloorcouk Generations ago a new breed of human emerged The government fearing these new “Enhanced” isolated these families into communities boasting prison like perimeters to live in exile safeguarding the Generations ago a new breed of human emerged The government fearing these new “Enhanced” isolated these families into communities boasting prison like perimeters to live in exile

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  • Layla

    text Ö Illusionaryread IllusionaryI loved this book I thought I knew what to expect but this is not your normal YA book which I really liked Instead of the main character not knowing about her power or heritage in this book she does and so do everyone else She lives in a community that have power and the whole world knows about itThere is no prophecies thank god Or a love triangles I really love Holden the love interest he is sweet and sexy rolled into one she is intelligent and shows it she is not the best but works in a team where the best ability from each person is utilized and she has her own issues but deals with itThis book also deals with other issues like freedom peace prejudice and working together The story has romance action mystery and a bit of an intrigueI thought the author really thought this book through and thought what if To me it seemed realistic and we see these characteristics prejudice ignorance and fear in people around us about things they h

  • Amy Condra

    text Ö Illusionaryread IllusionaryThis book was amazing I loved every word It was such a new take on the future and people with abilities The characters like Nathalee and Holden and my personal favourite Dev are so well written that it feels like you are part of the team I loved it and would highly recommend it

  • Lexie

    text Ö Illusionaryread IllusionaryDNF at 15% bc I literally could not stand another moment Every paragraph is one long often convoluted sentence I'm not sure if it's because the proper punctuation is missing or whatI couldn't comprehend the story because my brain was too busy trying to edit the story into something I could read properly

  • Tiffany

    text Ö Illusionaryread IllusionaryI received a digital arc in exchange for an honest review Instead of a traditional review I am going to break it down into an interview with myself as a readerFavourite uote‘They say knowledge is power Maybe that was why so little knowledge about us to the world was allowed’ – so true in history class only certain points are discussed and others are never mentioned What age group would I recommend this to I would say upper YA ages 16 There is some violence and minimal language and anyone can read it but because of the ages of the characters older readers might have appreciation for the circumstances and characters if they are

  • Debbie Turk

    text Ö Illusionaryread IllusionaryAn Exciting Explosive New Series💥Nathalee 'Nat' Dae was born genetically Enhanced People had started to be born 3 generations prior with either physical or mental abilities Those with physical abilities were called Primal's those with mental

  • Paperbacks

    text Ö Illusionaryread IllusionaryIllusionary was a great read it managed to combine a ton of information and action but in an easy going and light read way it’s sad that Nathalee and the other enhanced are segregated from society but when you start to learn about the abilities some have gained it can be understood why there may be prejudices However it’s kind of devastating that nothing has been done to address them other than shutting the enhanced off from the rest of society Little moments such as the enhanced only being provided with ancient vehicles that the non enhanced ha

  • Dawn Yacovetta

    text Ö Illusionaryread IllusionaryNathalee is one of a new breed of enhanced human hybrids with gifts that have emerged The love of her father and mother for each other two people with two completely different sets of enhancements sets her apart from the rest of the kids in her school as if it isn't difficult enough to make her way through these years as it is Because of who she is there are enhancements that are obvious to the rest of the citizens of their society But the secrets she keeps could change everything about her lifeWhen she meets Holden the mute who works in the stables on her way home from school she not only finds a confidant and friendship she never experienced before but she finds herself in a world that has opened up to her because of the sec

  • Tiffany Marin

    text Ö Illusionaryread IllusionaryBecause Nathalee is one of the few Enhanced Humans who are gifted with powers that vary along the physical and mental spectrums she’s forced to live a life separated from the rest of society The non enhanced people are afraid that the enhanced will use their gifts as weapons against them so they keep to themselves But because of her telepathic abilities Nathalee is largely shunned even in her own community She can’t imagine h

  • Kayla Barnett

    text Ö Illusionaryread IllusionaryThis was an amazing story I was immediately pulled into Nathalee's world and entranced by her abilities I found myself cheering her on as she struggled to find a place where she could be not only useful but accepted I rooted for her and Holden as they explored their relationship and their feelings for one another I was gripped as Nathalee and the whole team came face to face with their elusive illusionist and I couldn't put the book down I needed to know what would happen next All too soon the book came to an end leaving me wanting It was a fantastic start to a whole new world and I can't wait for the next installment to see where the team find themselves a

  • CR

    text Ö Illusionaryread IllusionaryLeAnn Mason created a world unlike one that I have seen before Without spoiling to much none of the story line will be spoiled we are introduced to Nat Like the line says Even among the outcasts she stands out Nat truly is an outcast among the people there in Minefield We are uickly introduced to Sage and Primals as we see the reason for their divide However Nat does find her place or so she thinks among a new Enforcer group This group tests Nat's patience while threatening