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✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Pretty One By Cheryl Klam ⚣ – All Megan Fletcher had wanted was to be like her sister Lucy a beautiful thin girl whom everyone at the Chesapeake School for Performing Arts worshipped and adored While Lucy was a star actress with lOn had created hoping that no one would notice herAnd then one day life as Megan knew it had changed forever Megan wasin an accident that disfigured her face and plastic surgeons had torestructure it very carefully Only no one would have thought that whenthe bandages came off Megan would be even beautiful than Lucy

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Wanted was to be like her sister Lucy a beautiful thin girl whom everyone The Pretty Epub at the Chesapeake School for Performing Arts worshipped and adored While Lucy was a star actress with lots of fans Megan had always been hiding behind the set designs that she and her best friend Sim

The Pretty One Book ´ Paperback Margaret Allison and never looked back Now she writes as Cheryl KlamCheryl lives in Annapolis Maryland with her The Pretty Epub / husband and two daughters She firmly believes that love conuers all and never tires of hearing stories that support her theory.

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The Pretty OnePDF Epub The Pretty One By Cheryl Klam Connecfloorcouk All Megan Fletcher had wanted was to be like her sister Lucy a beautiful thin girl whom everyone at the Chesapeake School for Performing Arts worshipped and adored While Lucy was a star actress with l All Megan Fletcher had

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  • Jay G

    The Pretty One Book ´ Paperback The Pretty OneWant to see bookish things from me? Check out my Youtube channel Fletcher has always been in the shadow of her older sister Lucy who is gorgeous and a talented actress One day Megan is in a horrible accident which causes her to need plastic surgery which changes her appearance completely Now beautiful then her sis

  • Lisa

    The Pretty One Book ´ Paperback The Pretty OneThe beginning started off horrible and I wanted to shoot myself every time I picked it up to try and read it For example exact uote I'm looking at his eyes even though his gaze keeps shifting around the room I had thought they were just blue but up close they're a blue green slightly blue than green If I were going to paint them I would use a combination of colors beginning with a sky blue before adding a tinge of emerald green UghhThe ending got better though because it kind of doesn't end the way I expected it to but it did end the way I wanted it toI also didn't really like it because the author kept trying to make you feel sorry for Lucy and I thought she was a huge brat but whateverOh and I also didn't like how the author was all cliche about how ugly people are fat and have no friends and that pr

  • Belle

    The Pretty One Book ´ Paperback The Pretty OneI loved this story from beginning to end The story of two sisters One gorgeous and slim the other ugly and overweight The story of a ugly duckling being reborn into a magnificent swan A miricle some would say The only thing I would've changed was the ending It wasn't anywhere close to bad but I felt just a little bit unsatisfied

  • Samantha Mccoy

    The Pretty One Book ´ Paperback The Pretty OneI have a sister but thankfully she is 11 years older for the most part this is a GREAT thing What I don't get about this book is how completely opposite both sisters are look wise when they are one year apart If you compare these two sisters to those of JenniferLisa Lopes BeyonceSolange JessicaAshlee Simpson who have a few years age gape between them looks aren't that far off The bit about her freak accident where her face has to get fixed seems a bit far fetched especially when she is better 10 months later And how does this transformation suddenly make her prettierbeautiful than her sister? Wouldn't the docs try to make her look the same rather than have a completely different face? The whole purpose of the cosmetics surgery is to fix what happened as a result to the accident And shouldn't there be some aftermath to her arm and leg? Why is she able to just magically go back to school and work on projects with no problem?How does her bestie suddenly falls crazy in love with

  • Hana

    The Pretty One Book ´ Paperback The Pretty OneFor my book report I chose the book The Pretty One by Chery Klam I chose this book because the title and front cover appealed to me In this book Klam writes about a girl named Megan who is fat and ugly But that's not even the worst part Imagine having to wake up every morning to see that your older sister is beautiful and skinny and pretty much has it all That's exactly what Megan has to go through until one day she gets into a horrific accident The accident did so much damage that Megan has to go through plastic surgery The outcome is amazing Megan becomes beautiful than her sister and even loses the weight Things become totally different for her Everyone starts to notice her her father no longer feels any

  • Chey

    The Pretty One Book ´ Paperback The Pretty OnePersonally I adored this book The writing is hilarious I love this book and I thought it was interesting intriguing and also very real The conflict between Lucy and Megan is understandable and I think what makes this book so realistic is the fact that Megan sees Lucy as this perfect wonderful sister who can't do wrong And as it becomes revealed that she is much much less both the reader and Megan see that Lucy's just a normal teenage girl It's totally true too that Lucy was nicer to Megan before because she never had to compete with her I think in the end of the book Lucy made good character development that is she came to realize was a b word she was being I loved this book

  • Sophia Choi

    The Pretty One Book ´ Paperback The Pretty OneEveryone wants to be beautiful gorgeous someone that people will admire Megan Fletcher had that wish In The Pretty One by Cheryl Klam Megan is an overweight plain girl who had been overshadowed by her talented and beautiful sister Lucy for most of her life When she gets involved in a car accident a cosmetic surgery had made her become the pretty one and the center of attention When the two sisters both fall for the same guy let the war begin The story intrigued me It was a fresh new taste of the idea of perception of beauty Yet the writing was bland and the characters were confusing almost like they were split into two Lucy is the older sister and in so

  • Christie

    The Pretty One Book ´ Paperback The Pretty Onei enjoyed this book first book i have been able to finish in the past 3 or 4 months Megan is the ugly duckling and lucy is the princessOne day there is an accident and megan is turned into the swan megans character is nice and as she introduces you to her sister you get the feeling youre not going to like her very much and as the story goes on its true Lucy lies and hurts megan times then you can count However one reason i didnt enjoy the book as much as i wished i had megan always makes up excuses for her lucy and lets her get away with things i wish things would have worked out better for megan and she would have gotten what she wanted right away but then the story would have turned out completely different its a good book nonetheless you are able to understand megan and kno

  • Marina

    The Pretty One Book ´ Paperback The Pretty OneA friend recommended this book to me and she loved it so I decided to read it and now I just finished it and I LOVED it The book was dramatic there were so many intense parts that made me shiver and the narrator was hilarious I would start laughing when reading what she said I liked the book a lot because I got thrown off at the end because I thought the main character was not going to get with the guy she actually likes but her best friend who also likes her I was going to be so upset but then at the end she does get the guy she likes which made me so happy I’m going to look for books in the future from this author I actually just ordered it the book is called “Learning to Swim”

  • Mizuki

    The Pretty One Book ´ Paperback The Pretty OneFirst I admit school drama among teenagers is hardly my cup of tea but I do enjoy the rivalry between the two sisters Still I am really disappointed by the ending because view spoilerthe MC totally forsaken her responsibility as an actress at the eve of her first stage performance and would have