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[PDF / Epub] ☁ Los afectos ✎ Rodrigo Hasbún – Connecfloor.co.uk Los afectos aborda la paulatina desintegración de los Ertl una peculiar familia de aventureros ue tras la derrota de Alemania en la Segunda Guerra Mundial decidió exiliarse en Bolivia Es en esas tiePDF Epub Los afectos Rodrigo Hasbún Connecfloorcouk Los afectos aborda la paulatina desintegración de los Ertl una peculiar familia de aventureros ue tras la derrota de Alemania en la Segunda Guerra Mundial decidió exiliarse en Bolivia Es en esas tie Los afectos aborda la paulatina desintegración de los Ertl una peculiar familia de aventureros ue tras la derrota de Alemania en la Segunda Guerra Mundial decidió exiliarse en Bolivia Es en esas tierras extrañas donde el cabeza de familia

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Una Latinoamérica radicalizada Rodrigo Hasbún mezcla la biografía la ficción y los hechos históricos para asomarse a los vínculos y Los afectos de esta familia inusual Esta novela trepidante y llena de belleza pone de manifiesto lo lejos y lo cerca ue se puede estar de auellos a los ue se está unido por unos apellidos y unos cuantos recuerdos Mientras fuera del entorno familiar se desarrollaban las sucesivas aventuras arueológicas ideológicas y políticas en la intimidad se libraban otro tipo de batallas decisivas

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Los afectosHans Ertl pretende alcanzar el gran sueño de Paitití la ciudad perdida de los incas ue se oculta en algún lugar inhóspito de la selva amazónica Ni su mujer ni sus tres hijas saldrán indemnes de las inalcanzables uimeras y las ausencias de este padre explorador Pero será Monika la mayor y la más aventurera la única ue acabe heredando su carácter inconformista para lanzarse con los años y en aras de sus convicciones a un objetivo mucho más temerario Con el trasfondo movedizo de los cincuenta y los sesenta y en

Los afectos Reader ´Download Rodrigo Hasbún is a Bolivian novelist living and working in Houston Texas In he was selected by the Hay Festival as one of the best Latin American writers under the age of thirty nine for Bogotá and in he was named one of Granta’s Best Young Spanish Language Novelists He is the author of three novels a volume of personal essays and three collections of short stories two of whic.

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  • Amalia Gavea

    Los afectos Reader ´Download Los afectosDon't try to provoke me with political comments it will end badlyDisrespect to the memory of a man fighting against tyranny disre

  • Pickle Farmer

    Los afectos Reader ´Download Los afectosWhat a strange mysterious deeply compelling book I highly recommend that people look up the history behind the characters on Wikipedia even though the novel bluntly advises us that the novel is not nor does it attempt to be a faithful portrait of any member of the Erlt family Still though even though if little of the history appears in the book Nazis helping the CIA hunt down Che Guevara what a story The story that DOES appear in the book took a while for me to get into I started the book and put it down at least two times but once I knew the history that helped a lot I read somewhere that the book was initially a lot longer but the author cut it down to its bare bones What a brave choice The story in here could have easily been fattened up to 300 pages but as is it works as a strange kind of poetry in its thinness I underlined so many sentences in this book and the ha

  • Beverly

    Los afectos Reader ´Download Los afectosThis is a stunning gem of a spare novel that delivers a punch through a turning of a phrase and the emotional intensity of the multiple narrators I was attracted to this book by its photograph like cover and the anticipation of reading a story set primarily in Bolivar While the storyline is steeped in politics hovering in the background it is the emotional turbulence of the characters as revealed by the narrators about themselves and other characters that had me intrigued as I read this this book in one sitting Inspired by the liv

  • K.

    Los afectos Reader ´Download Los afectosTrigger warnings mentions of torture implications of Nazism I think that's allI was hooked by the beginning of this tiny

  • Andy Weston

    Los afectos Reader ´Download Los afectosAffections Rodrigo Hasbún Based on actual events and set almost entirely in Bolivia this is a sprawling novella if there can be such a thing in that it encompasses than 30 years and attempts to tell the stories of five people’s lives during that time In trying to take on so much it is difficult to empathise or even be familiar with any of the characters There is a lot of history crammed in as well Hans Ertl was a N

  • Alena

    Los afectos Reader ´Download Los afectosMaybe only 25 but there were moments of beauty so I’ll go with 3 I’m just not uite sure what to make of this very brief albeit pretty intense novel I was unfamiliar with the real life Ertl family when I started reading but was intrigued e

  • Jessica Woodbury

    Los afectos Reader ´Download Los afectosA short novel that left me wanting

  • Lauren

    Los afectos Reader ´Download Los afectos “You feel too close to yourself and from there everything looks blurred”From AFFECTIONS by Rodrigo Hasbún translated from the Spanish by Sophie Hughes 20042016#ReadtheWorld21 📍Bolivia1950s La Paz Bolivia the Ertl family emigrates from Germany Hans Ertl a cinematographer who worked with Leni Riefenstahl on several Nazi propaganda films is no longer able to find work due to his past alliances and moves with his family to start againWritten in sparse prose focusing on 12 vignettes from different family members we get the framework story of a family in a rapidly shifting environmentAs each character speaks there's foreshadowing of 'an event' that occurs that changes everything The reader gathers the breadcrumbs that lead to the defining eventHans and his eldest daughter Monika are the main characters with supporting roles from Hans' wife a

  • dianneOnRBG RIPmalaiseBreak

    Los afectos Reader ´Download Los afectosA spare novel Yup so spare that it was like an empty box There's never a value or value laden sentence about th

  • Marialyce

    Los afectos Reader ´Download Los afectosFamily dynamics and the way history and your environment effect the very nature of your being is what this somewhat short story dwells upon We are introduced to the Ertl family who have escaped to Bolivia following World War 2 where the father Hans was a cameraman for the filmmakerpropagandist Leni Riefenstahl Hans ever the one for fantastic ideas embarks on a search enlisting two of his daughters for the lost city of Paitití resulting in disastrous conseuences In Bolivia the political unrest ensuing allows for the rise of Che Guevara which one of Hans's daughters Monika follows and eventually becomes know as his avenger As one can imagine all does not end well for herThis tale is a story of a family's dissolution through the path that each member follows While some are left to follow foolhardy pract