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S tolerance for them than most When one of them goes missing sh DI Vera Stanhope is not one to make friends easily but her hippy neighbours keep her well supplied in homebrew and conversation so she has tolerance for them than

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The Glass RoomBOOKS The Glass Room Author Ann Cleeves Connecfloorcouk DI Vera Stanhope is not one to make friends easily but her hippy neighbours keep her well supplied in homebrew and conversation so she ha

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❴BOOKS❵ ✯ The Glass Room Author Ann Cleeves – DI Vera Stanhope is not one to make friends easily but her hippy neighbours keep her well supplied in homebrew and conversation so she has tolerance for them than most When one of them goes missing shMost When one of them goes missing The Glass Kindle she feels duty bound to find out what happened But her path leads her to than just a missing friendShortlisted for the Specsavers Bestseller Dagger

The Glass Room doc ✓ï ann cleeves Ann is the author of the books behind ITV's VERA now in it's third series and the BBC's SHETLAND which will be aired in December Ann's DI Vera Stanhope series of books is set in The Glass Kindle - Northumberland and features the well loved detective along with her partner Joe Ashworth Ann's Shetland series bring us DI Jimmy Perez investigating in the mysterious dark and beautiful Shetland IslandsAnn.

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  • Leslie Ray

    The Glass Room doc ✓ï ann cleeves The Glass RoomThis edition of the Vera Stanhope series finds Vera investigating and ultimately defending her hippy neighbor Joanna who has disappeared to a writers retreat It is here that multiple murders occur and provides a bit of a stretch for Vera as she investigates writers and posers who want to appear as serious writers This world is not the norm for her and provides interesting background in the world of writing and publishing Her usual team is on board consisting of Joe Holly and Charlie There is some tension that arises between Vera and Joe due to her tactics which provides an interesting angle to Joe's personality

  • LJ

    The Glass Room doc ✓ï ann cleeves The Glass RoomFirst Sentence Vera Stanhope climbed out of Hector’s ancient Land Rover and felt the inevitable strain on her knees What is an Inspector to do when one’s neighbor goes to a writer’s retreat and another of the attendees turns up dead In Vera’s case and with the approval of her Superintendent she and her team investigate it But is her neighbor truly as innocent as Vera thought Ann Cleeves has the most wonderful voice and creates such a strong sense of place—“It was October and the light was going A smell of wood smoke and ice Most of the trees were already bare and the whooper swans had come back to lough” Vera is definitely not a cozy Miss Marple—“Let folk into your life and they star

  • Julie

    The Glass Room doc ✓ï ann cleeves The Glass RoomEach volume in this series brings me immense enjoyment It takes some self will to space them out so that I don't get ahead of the author I love Ann Cleese's descriptive writing and her wonderful characters I also appreciate that the reader narrates the story in an accent authentic to the region the stories are set in A couple of favorite uotesShy bairns get no cake in other words speak up or lose outAn octopus of tangled colored tights this brought me back to the days when I wore

  • Sharon Bolton

    The Glass Room doc ✓ï ann cleeves The Glass Room“All writers are parasites” Stepping into The Glass Room is a little like being transported back to the golden age of mystery stories a windswept landscape isolated country house disparate people thrown together crime scenes mimicking their fictional counterparts and a plot liberally strewn with blind alleys red herrings and mis directions This book has all the elements of Agatha Christie at her bestDI Vera Stanhope at the reuest of a frantic neighbour who’s mislaid his wife heads out to the Writers’ Retreat where publishing establishment figures a

  • Lisa

    The Glass Room doc ✓ï ann cleeves The Glass RoomAnother great story featuring DI Vera Stanhope who is one of my favourite characters everThis one does not have as much nature in it as usual but I still loved it and it's in the same style as the others in the series You could call it formulaic but as I love the formula this is not a problem for meI'm trying to pace myself with these books so I still have new ones to look forward to

  • Linden

    The Glass Room doc ✓ï ann cleeves The Glass RoomVera's neighbor Joanna has joined a residential workshop for writers and Vera finds herself called in for a murder at the workshop Then there's another murder and everyone is a suspect Who has a motive to kill these two tutors And who will be next Another intense and atmospheric British police procedural by Ann Cleeves with the inimitable Vera Stanhope and the great narrator Charlie Hardwick

  • Cathy Ryan

    The Glass Room doc ✓ï ann cleeves The Glass Room45Returning home after work and looking forward to some down time DI Vera Stanhope not really the sociable type is annoyed to find her neighbour Jack waiting for her It seems his partner Joanna has gone missing and he needs Vera’s help If he’d expected sympathy and a shoulder to cry on he was way off the mark but Vera mindful of the burgeoning friendship that was developing between them agreed for a variety of reasons to Jack’s reuest'God Vera thought if any of the others considered doing this—going freelance playing private eye—I’d give them such a bollocking'Vera soon finds out that Joanna is staying at the Writer’s House a retreat for writers of varying experience where residential courses and seminars are held with the promise of a possible publish

  • Dorothy

    The Glass Room doc ✓ï ann cleeves The Glass RoomContinuing with my reading of the DI Vera Stanhope Mysteries I've reached the fifth entry in the seriesThis one begins with Vera returning home from work to find her hippy dippy neighbor Jack waiting for her in her parlor He is distressed because his wife Joanna has disappeared Even though she left him a note saying that she needed a break and would be gone for a few days she didn't say where she was going and he hasn't heard from her since she left a few days ago He wants Vera to find her Well that proves easy enough Vera contacts the taxi driver who picked her up and learns that she went to Writer's House a country retreat where aspiring writers go to attend lectures and workshops and polish their stories Vera goes to the Writer's House to check on Joanna and let her know that Jack is worried As luck would have it her arrival at the retreat coincides with the finding of

  • Courtney

    The Glass Room doc ✓ï ann cleeves The Glass RoomThis was another great Vera Stanhope novel and exactly what I’ve come to expect from Ann Cleeves Unlike the previous books I’ve read I don’t recall this story having been turned into an episode of the BBC show so the plot was truly brand new to me The setting of an elegant mansion by the sea gave it the same atmospheric ambiance that is the reason I love this author so much I wouldn’t say that it has been my favorite so far in fact probably the opposite but still a very enjoyable read

  • Meep

    The Glass Room doc ✓ï ann cleeves The Glass RoomEnjoyed this one perhaps my favourite so far There's an air of Agatha Christie about the setting and as she's mentioned in passing that might have been intentional A very traditional cosy mystery setting and cast A group of would be writers in a big house and a murder with clues left One of the suspects someone Vera might call a friend if she was feeling generous or fancying some homebrew I have a lasting affection for the genre so liked seeing Vera taking it onThere's less self pity in this book though the threads of it are there a relief as it was easy to get engrossed in the story without the heavy depressive feel I've actually googled to see if Cleeves herself has children she does the childless state being such an issue for characters Vera is still referred to as fat at every opportunity It's unecessary and feels a harsh criticism rather than a factor of her Ashworth takes of