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TidewaterHanged foreverTo Pocahontas and her people the Tidewater is the rightful home of the Powhatan tribe To England it is Virginia Territory fertile with promise rich with silver and gold As Jamestown struggles to take root John Smith knows that the only hope for survival lies with the Powhatan people He knows too that they would rather see the English starve than yield their homeland to invaders In the mids

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[Reading] ➿ Tidewater By Libbie Hawker – In 1607 three ships arrive on the coast of Virginia to establish Jamestown Colony One girl’s life—and the lives of her people—are changed foreverTo Pocahontas and her people the Tidewater is theReading Tidewater By Libbie Hawker Connecfloorcouk In 1607 three ships arrive on the coast of Virginia to establish Jamestown Colony One girl’s life—and the lives of her people—are changed foreverTo Pocahontas and her people the Tidewater is the In three ships arrive on the coast of Virginia to establish Jamestown Colony One girl’s life—and the lives of her people—are c

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T of this conflict Pocahontas the daughter of the great chief forges an unlikely friendship with Smith Their bond preserves a wary peace—but control can rest only in one nation’s hands When that peace is broken Pocahontas must choose between power and servitude—between self and sacrifice—for the sake of her people and her landRevised edition This edition of Tidewater includes editorial revisions

kindle Ý Tidewater Ð Kindle Edition Libbie was born in Rexburg Idaho and divided her childhood between Eastern Idaho's rural environs and the greater Seattle area She presently lives in Seattle but has also been a resident of Salt Lake City Utah; Bellingham Washington; and Tacoma Washington She loves to write about character and place and is inspired by the bleak natural beauty of the Rocky Mountain region and by the fascina.

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  • Sarah (Presto agitato)

    kindle Ý Tidewater Ð Kindle Edition TidewaterThe story of Pocahontas has become part of American mythology The legend of the Indian princess who befriended the colonists of Jamestown Virginia and saved the life of John Smith has been depicted in numerous books and films usually in a highly romanticized way In the animated Disney movie as in many other portrayals Pocahontas and John Smith were in love star crossed by their incompatible culturesIt all makes for a great story but these tales bear little resemblance to the history In Tidewater Libbie Hawker puts some of the historical back in historical fiction with a novel that sticks much closer to the actual events but turns out to be interesting than the idealized version Pocahontas a nickname meaning “Mischief” was actually a child when she first met John Smith and certainly not a love interest She w

  • Ashley Marie

    kindle Ý Tidewater Ð Kindle Edition TidewaterSome part of me feels as if I have been waiting years for this book Let's be clear I didn't know this book existed until a few months ago and even then I was skeptical 500 pages? Yikes But as soon as I dived into the story I didn't want to surface again until I'd finished it Libbie Hawker chooses the most beautiful words to tell her story and I hated any time I had to put this down in favor of real life things eating sleeping working you know Those basic needs sorts of things But I always came right back to this and fell right back into the wilds of pre colonized Virginia and it was such a wonderful feeling I'm actually still amazed I finished this as uickly as I did considering its size and how crazy busy I've been la

  • TL

    kindle Ý Tidewater Ð Kindle Edition TidewaterA gorgeously written book it puts you right in time with Pocahontas Powhatan and John Smith You walk beside them an invisible spectator to the events that are happening Miss Hawker has done a beautiful job of bringing this period and people to life They leap off the page at you and demand you to lose yourself in the story It was easy for me to fall into the story I knew some of the history surrounding Pocahontas and John Smith but not very much You can tell she did her research and was passionate about the subject There's no bla

  • Chrissie

    kindle Ý Tidewater Ð Kindle Edition TidewaterETA Oh I forgot this The Native American names can be a little hard to keep track of There are many characters To make it even difficult the natives change their name at important turning points of their lives In addition the author throws in LOTS of Native American terms Most often you can decipher their meaning from the context and it builds atmosphere Not really a problem but sometimes I was confused Maybe the paper book has a word list? Maps would be handy too This book was just OK for me I will expla

  • Lisa

    kindle Ý Tidewater Ð Kindle Edition TidewaterWhen I was child my favourite Disney film of all time was Pocahontas Naturally I poked about with the few resources I had access to and knew that Disney had Got It Wrong on many levels But I still loved that film like crazy and though I was never tempted to do thorough research as I got older and the Internet became a thing I still found myself uietly fascinated in the story of PocahontasNearly ten years after Disney released Pocahontas Libbie Hawker has written and published Tidewater a novel that explores the Jamestown colony and British settlement in the land that is now better known as Virginia through the eyes of not only John Smith and Pocahontas but Opechancanough the embittered and war hungry brother of Powhatan Tidewater offers an altogether accurate take on events Not that it isn't easy real

  • Sammy

    kindle Ý Tidewater Ð Kindle Edition TidewaterI've loved reading Tidewater and yes Libbie Hawker if you ever read this review It would be great to see you re visit this world with the book suggestion you mentioned in your author's note I was wary to begin with purely because I've always greatly enjoyed the two adaptations of the Pocahontas story that I know so well Disney version and The New World film It's always a bit scary meeting a re imagined version of a character when you feel like you already know them so well I think Thankfully I had no reason to be worried Tidewater's Pocahontas became as dear to me as I'd hoped she would As I read through this book I couldn't help comparing it to Sacajawea by Anna Lee Waldo which I read half of earlier last year and had to eventually give up on In Tidewater I found characters with heart something that I feel Sacajawea completely lacked Both stories

  • Peggy

    kindle Ý Tidewater Ð Kindle Edition TidewaterNOTE Received as an ARC for review from Netgalley Unlike the Disney version the real Pocahontas was a little girl not a teenager when she took on the task of translator between the English in Jamestown and the Real People Although she and John Smith had in common than might be expected he was not an English gentleman and she was not a princess they formed a tenuous but lasting friendship nothing The idea that it was ambition not romance that initially drove her to be the liaison between the English and the Real People was completely new to me and is what hooked me No one's motives are completely pure in this fascinating novel not even Pocahontas's w

  • Juliette

    kindle Ý Tidewater Ð Kindle Edition Tidewater There was no clear story here no moral message not even a single character whose tale she could follow It was nothing than a parade of riches crude in its ostentation I was lured into purchasing this book because it is cheap on the cover is beautiful and the idea of a novel about Pocahontas intrigued me Two out of three marks is bad when the substance of a thing is lackingThis isn't a book about Pocahontas This is a book about the Jamestown colony In itself that's not a reason to bypass the book but the reason I bought it was that Pocahontas was blatantly advertised I would not have car

  • Richard Coady

    kindle Ý Tidewater Ð Kindle Edition TidewaterThis book just blew me away I have to admit being in a rather small minority in that I knew nothing about Pocahontas before reading the book other than that she existed she was famous for some reason and there was a cartoon about her I bought the book purely on the strength of this author's other books writing as L M Ironside set in ancient

  • Tasha

    kindle Ý Tidewater Ð Kindle Edition TidewaterI loved this book The writing was beautiful and immersed me so easily into the story It seems very well researched as well The landscape and the setting were wonderfully created and the characters well developed I feel like this story has been longing to be told the real life version not the Disney version that we all seem to know While moments were enjoyable clearly much was distressing as well but that is history and it's important to know about it I understand we can't truly know what happened then but I have a feeling that Libbie Hawker gives us a pretty close account I have a new respect for Pocahontas an