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Culture CareN many forms Anyone with a calling to create—from visual artists musicians writers and actors to entrepreneurs pastors and business professionals—will resonate with its message This book is for anyone who feels the cultural divide especially those with a desire or an artistic gift to reach across boundaries with under.

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Standing reconciliation and healing It is a book for anyone with a passion for the arts for supporters of the arts and for “creative catalysts” who understand how much the culture we all share affects human thriving today and shapes the generations to come” — Makoto Fujimura This e book will be only until May..

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Culture Care review ☆ 103 ↠ [PDF] ✓ Culture Care By Makoto Fujimura – “This is a book for artists but artists come in many forms Anyone with a calling to create—from visual artists musicians writers and actors to entrepreneurs pastors and business professionals—wi “This is a book for artists but artists come in m[PDF] Culture Care By Makoto Fujimura “This is a book for artists but artists come in many forms Anyone with a calling to create—from visual artists musicians writers and actors to entrepreneurs pastors and business professionals—wi “This is a book for artists but artists come i.

Culture Care review ☆ 103 Makoto Fujimura recently appointed Director of Fuller's Brehm Center is an artist writer and speaker who is recognized worldwide as a cultural shaper A Presidential appointee to the National Council on the Arts from Fujimura served as an international advocate for the arts speaking with decision makers and advising governmental policies on the arts In the American Academy o.

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  • Cindy Rollins

    Culture Care review ☆ 103 Culture CareAs a person who speaks freuently about remembrance I was entranced my Makoto Fujimura's concept of generative care I suppose this is Wendell Berry for Art In some ways this book was full of hope and in other ways it felt almost naively impossible The older I get the less likely I am to throw around words like truth goodness and beauty but this book put all of that into a ne

  • Jay

    Culture Care review ☆ 103 Culture CareActually “375” There are a lot of excellent ideas packed into this short book but there is a lot of ahem “applesauce” ie concepts that are long on exhortation but that come up short on the actual means of accomplishing them Note Fujimura writes from a Christian perspective but he doesn’t “throw Jesus in your face” If anything I think he tends to tippy toe around faith concepts in an effort to cast his message as to the potential transformative and redemptive ualities in a way that will not alienate non Christians Hey it’s your book; I’m just reading it One of the running themes in the book is the role of individuals he calls “mearcstapas” on Old English word that first made its literary debut in the epic poem Beowulf as a description of the monster Grendel You remember the ogre who prowled and freuently crossed the borders

  • Bob

    Culture Care review ☆ 103 Culture Care Summary A call for a different kind of engagement with culture one of care of becoming generative rather than engaging in war or battle to foster beauty in our common lifeTo read this book was a moving experience for me one about which I wrote Culture Care Ins

  • Ben Palpant

    Culture Care review ☆ 103 Culture CareI respect Makoto Fujimura very much and his efforts to reclaim a properly hopeful view of culture has deeply influenced me as both teacher and writer I find the culture war narrative so common amongst Christians to be very unhelpful when it comes to actually building a culture We find ourselves condemning cultural artifacts as we should but ill euipped to understand the purpose behind the artifacts and Ill euipped to displace them with anything better I take issue with him on several theological points He prematurely suggests that denominations and church buildings have largely lost the light and power of God He also flirts with a pluralism I cannot condone but his call to culture care is antithetical to the culture war that pervades evangelical circles and I applaud him

  • Robert D. Cornwall

    Culture Care review ☆ 103 Culture CareIn a world often driven by utilitarian or consumerist visions culture is often understood as a commodity to be bought and sold Unless it sells it's not productive or it's understood to be an elitist pastime As I write this review of Makato Fujimura's book Culture Care the new President's initial budget calls for the elimination of the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities These cost the tax payer very little but they are often generative to the creation and preservation of art and culture Here in Detroit it took a great effort to preserve a world class art museum It got caught in the middle of a municipal bankruptcy Many uestioned the value of a building filled with art Why not sell and pay down debt Makoto Fujimur

  • Maria Copeland

    Culture Care review ☆ 103 Culture CareRarely have I written so much in a book but Makoto Fujimura's words demand emphasis An acclaimed artist himself Fujimura presents a solution to our dissatisfaction with today's culture nourishing culture's soul by raising up those who by their Christ given creativity intr

  • Neil R. Coulter

    Culture Care review ☆ 103 Culture Care Culture Care is a fantastic manifesto of the place of arts and artists within society Fujimura outlines his hopes for how the arts can bring about a reasoned thoughtful public suare a society that mirrors the idea of an estuary thriving on diversity and balance respectful of one another even in the midst of differences Artists have always been the people who swim upstream and bring pure fresh water back to the rest of society that is choking on polluted water but Fujimura worries that we've reached a point when all the water has become polluted with cynicism with sarcasm with hopelessness with despair Is there fresh water left for the artists to find There is but in order to keep the fountain of good creativity go

  • D.S. Chapman

    Culture Care review ☆ 103 Culture CareThis book is generative That’s what Makoto Fujimura is promoting in Culture Care so it is fitting that his book sparks those uestions localized to me my life and my place How can I live my life to cultivate the soil around me How can we live with hope of the gospel’s renewing power and the strength of our shepherd to guide us to go in and out safely not in fear of “culture” but looking for its renewal

  • Amy Neftzger

    Culture Care review ☆ 103 Culture CareMost artists feel as if they're living on the fringe of culture Christian artists especially feel this disconnect between the church and their work Fujimura explores the reasons for this disconnect and begins to outline a plan to overcome it As an artist himself the author offers insight into the value that artists provide to communities One of the things I particularly like about the book is the discussion concerning how we define value The author stresses that an economic perspective is only one value criteria and often a poor one for determining the full value of something The things that matter most in life are often unrelated to money Recommended for artists of any faith who struggle with how to fit into contemporary culture

  • James

    Culture Care review ☆ 103 Culture CareI grew up with a brand of Christianity which saw culture as a threat We engaged in culture wars to combat secular humanism and political correct pluralism We were suspicious of cultural dec