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  • Fishface

    READER » DOC Cruising FREE ☆ CONNECFLOOR CruisingThis slasher novel was uite loosely based on a real series of leather bar murders in NYC but the author focused entirely on the internal mental states of the fictional killer and the fictional investigators Well written with a lot of densely layered metaphors that might remind you of Jack Torrance wrestling with his demons in The Shining or the characters in Carrie Some of the twists in this story were so clever they made me laugh out loud Long out of print but well worth seeking out

  • Rob

    READER » DOC Cruising FREE ☆ CONNECFLOOR CruisingI don't say this often about books This one really needed to be about 50 to 75 pages longer Some parts were developed rather well while others not as much When I finished the book I did get why the author did this but I think he missed the mark a bit This could have been great but ended up so so Definitely some frightening scenes but really needed a good editor To everyone going on about the high number of gay slurs it was a book written in 1972 about a homophobic cop acting as a decoy for a homophobic serial killer Expecting the language to be kind is a little bit ignorant

  • Adam

    READER » DOC Cruising FREE ☆ CONNECFLOOR Cruising35 starsI read this mostly as an intellectual and societal curiosity as opposed to really wanting to read the novel I have a morbid fascination for lack of a better term with the 1980 film of the same name starring Al Pacino that was inspired by this novel as well as

  • Thomas Matich

    READER » DOC Cruising FREE ☆ CONNECFLOOR CruisingLike the film proceeding it Crusing the novel is misunderstood I found it to be a witty sinister and compelling read While the SM leather element is gone from the book the mystery and chills found in the Freidkin film are intactIn regards to the hatefulness and homophobia in this book it is accurate for both the time period thankfully things have come a long way and the psychology of two sociopaths It really leaves a reflective and open minded reader with much to think aboutThe tone is ripe with black humor and tongue in cheek ala American Psycho Like Bret Easton Ellis Walker's writing is clever and way ahead of its time

  • Mark

    READER » DOC Cruising FREE ☆ CONNECFLOOR CruisingWas reading about James Franco's new film Interior Leather Bar and it's connection to the Al Pacino film Cruising which was based on this novel and I remembered that I had never read it and that I had a copy somewhere in my Attic so after an hour of searching I started reading Homophobic racist and misogynist as I'm sure most genre fiction in 1970 was it's VERY dated but the writing was good Walker's portrait of pre gentrification NYC was probably the strongest element of the book

  • Evan

    READER » DOC Cruising FREE ☆ CONNECFLOOR CruisingLurid sleazy and apparently homophobic The famous movie with Al Pacino released 10 years after this 1970 novel evidently bears only cursory resembl

  • Travis Wellborn

    READER » DOC Cruising FREE ☆ CONNECFLOOR Cruising35 stars I liked it but didn't love it I loved how dark it was Racist and homophobic but captured the era I actually found it uite amusing uite di

  • Hedgewalls

    READER » DOC Cruising FREE ☆ CONNECFLOOR CruisingI read this book because I had seen the film adaptation prior and developed a strange fascination over it Not because it was good but so because of how bad it was And this book suffers from mostly the same problems as the film But first I would like to say that the approach of the open type mystery was a lot better than the closed type the film tried to pull off I liked getting insights into Stuart's thought process and his own worries about getting caught whenever he wasn't describing the private parts of a girl he just so happened to be sleeping with at the time Too bad it was about 20% of one and 80% of the other Oh well The motivation behind the murders was problematic all the same and the internalized homophobia was present in the head of the main character John Lynch as well I didn't even really get why he was in the book at all He didn't do much of anything except constantly spout homophobic stuff and be another implied killer Also I was hoping for some character de

  • Bridget

    READER » DOC Cruising FREE ☆ CONNECFLOOR CruisingThis is another in the growing longer list where the film adaptation was way better than the source materialIf you want a snapshot of how racism and homophobia in the 1970's in a fairly ho hum cops and killers story this book is for you Don't expect anything like the gay SM scene the bars the sense of outlaw that permeates the iconic film inspired by this book

  • David

    READER » DOC Cruising FREE ☆ CONNECFLOOR CruisingThe book dates itself and is a snapshot into a bygone era As a thriller or suspense piece of literature it is lacking The Al Pacino film based on this book is a completely different animal Do not read the book to see if the movie left out anything