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告白Os seus alunos assassinaram a sua filha Esta é a sua vingança

PDF À BOOK 告白 FREE Á CONNECFLOOR 湊 かなえ born is a Japanese writer of crime fiction and thrillerShe started writing in her thirties Her first novel Confessions 告白 Kokuhaku became a bestseller and won the Japanese Booksellers Award The movie Confession directed by Tetsuya Nakashima was nominated to Academy AwardShe has been described in Japan as the ueen of iyamisueww mystery a subgenre of mystery fiction which deals with grisly episodes and the dark side of human nature.


  • karen

    PDF À BOOK 告白 FREE Á CONNECFLOOR 告白this book is delivered in a stark and barebones prose but the story itself is surprisingly convoluted and intricatethe first chapter is told in the form of a lecture as a teacher addresses her class with what appears to be a series of anecdotal non seuiturs about the new milk program at school the announcement of her impending retirement the illness of a famous teacher at another school the recent death of her four year old daughter manami etc etc but slowly subtly her lecture becomes a tightening noose as these seemingly unconnected stories take on a chilling import as she ultimately accuses two students in the classroom; shūya and naoki of causing manami's death and then very casually drops the bombshell of the horrifying revenge she has already set in motion her detached offhandedness makes this final lecture incredibly shocking and when the teasingly meandering na

  • Chelsea (chelseadolling reads)

    PDF À BOOK 告白 FREE Á CONNECFLOOR 告白This book was FUCKED Oh my GOD I read a fair amount of dark and twisty things but this went above and beyond anything I've ever read before I audibly gasped twice while reading

  • Matt

    PDF À BOOK 告白 FREE Á CONNECFLOOR 告白Needing a uick book to fill my time before ending a holiday I turned to Kanae Minato’s debut thriller that spins a murderous tale from many perspectives Yuko Moriguchi has chosen to retire from teaching after her young daughter drowned in a pool As a single mother the death hit hard and Moriguchi faces her students one final time to deliver an end of year lecture During this final address she admits that the death of her daughter was no accident and that two students are responsible choosing not to reveal them to the class She has taken it upon herself to exact a form of revenge even after the police deemed the death an accident What follows is a telling of the events through the eyes of many each with their own truths and revelations The students parents and Moriguchi herself are touched by these perspectives whic

  • Carol

    PDF À BOOK 告白 FREE Á CONNECFLOOR 告白Brilliantly constructed but pointless I'm disappointed given the volume of buzz and strong recommendations for this novel Still Confessions is original and offers a sterling and surprising ending

  • Sarah

    PDF À BOOK 告白 FREE Á CONNECFLOOR 告白45 Stars THIS BOOK This is a book I would recommend to everyone The twists and the turns were incredible Nearly every twist and turn knocked me off my feet and that is SO rare as I predict so many twists in thrillers and mystery books This book should really have the success of books like Gone Girl The Girl on the Train because it's just so awesome I'm not going to say anything to give the story itself away because I don't want to ruin it

  • Dem

    PDF À BOOK 告白 FREE Á CONNECFLOOR 告白 Her pupils murdered her daughter she will have her revenge That was as much as I need to know about this novel in order for it to engage my interest Firstly I would never have come across this book if it wasn't for a friend here on Good reads who's review encouraged me to read this wonderful novelI really enjoyed this story of revenge by Japanese writer Kanae Minato and found myself intrigued by the happenings in this Japanese schoolI listened to this book and the chapters are narrated in alternating voices and I enjoyed the narrator very muchThis is a dark and disturbing novel that had lots of unexpected twists and turns to keep the reader interested The writing is simplistic and yet the author manages to captivate her reade

  • Jokoloyo

    PDF À BOOK 告白 FREE Á CONNECFLOOR 告白This novel is an unreliable multiple first person POV epistolary thriller debut novelview spoilerwell there are 2 chapters that are not epistolary like hide spoiler

  • Apoorva

    PDF À BOOK 告白 FREE Á CONNECFLOOR 告白‘Confessions’ revolves around the revenge plot contrived by a middle school teacher Yuko Moriguchi Her four year daughter Manami accidentally dies on the school grounds but on further investigation she learns it wasn’t an accident Heartbroken she decides to

  • L A i N E Y

    PDF À BOOK 告白 FREE Á CONNECFLOOR 告白Insidiously viciousWhat a riveting opening and explosive ending view spoilerPun appropriately intended hide spoiler

  • Susan

    PDF À BOOK 告白 FREE Á CONNECFLOOR 告白I came across this book by accident when I read a review on Goodreads It intrigued me enough to download it and I was immediately hooked The novel begins with a teacher telling her students that she is resigning from middle school A single mother to a four year old daughter her students believe she is leaving because of a terrible tragedy which saw her little girl found dead in the school pool However in a speech at the end of term the teacher relates the story of what happened that day and of how two students in the class are guilty of her murderThis is a literary mystery We know what happened and we know who did it but what unfolds is