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[Download] ➸ デュラララ×4 Author Ryohgo Narita – 成田良悟が贈る都市ファンタジー、新章に突入──!「数年前から目撃されている黒バイクとは、貴方の事で宜しいんでしょうか? 何の目的でこんDownload デュラララ×4 Author Ryohgo Narita Connecfloorcouk 成田良悟が贈る都市ファンタジー、新章に突入──!「数年前から目撃されている黒バイクとは、貴方の事で宜しいんでしょうか? 何の目的でこん? 成田良悟が贈る都市ファンタジー、新章に突入──!「数年前か

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?テレビ局、服装と特性がバラバラの奇妙な双子の新入生、兄とは正反対の有名なアイドル、ダラーズの先輩に憧れる少年、果ては殺し屋に殺人鬼、そして、一千万もの賞金が懸かった “首なしライダー”。そんな彼らが過ごす賑やかな池袋の休日は、今日も平和なのだろうか。

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デュラララ×4ら目撃されている黒バイクとは、貴方の事で宜しいんでしょうか? 何の目的でこんな危険なバイクで街を走行しているんですか? 犯罪を犯しているという意識はあるんですか?」東京・池袋。 そこには様々な火種と、それに振り回される人種が集う。池袋の都市伝説を放送す?

Download Book Ð デュラララ×4 Paperback 成田 良悟.

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  • Jess

    Download Book Ð デュラララ×4 Paperback デュラララ×4I can read English again Finally I literally leapt for joy knowing that Anni Fiesta Sama has translated this novel and in English This was a really good series I think and I loved how this Ikebukuro holiday was not caused by Izaya which meant that it was very amusing to see the information broker being the one asking around about what happened Kasuka and Ruri's relationship is aboslutely awesome and I can't wait for that to expand and I must say Kururu and Mairu are so hilariously awesome They are the best pair of twins you can ever have and their antics just makes this so much brighter Also Shinra's screen time are also very amusing e

  • Jude

    Download Book Ð デュラララ×4 Paperback デュラララ×4I loved how the city itself was almost a character in this volume and how the usual force behind all these crazy events was feeling left out at the end the ending in general was simply fantastic Judging by the ending of this volume the fifth one will surely be a most powerful retaliation

  • Sean O&

    Download Book Ð デュラララ×4 Paperback デュラララ×4UPDATE Okay I've now read the official release I don't think it holds up uite as well as the previous books but that may be because I know that Ruri and Yuhei's storyline never really goes anywhere which makes this the rare case where Narita's storytelling goes flabbyORIGINAL REVIEWI normally don't read series out of order but in this case there's no English version of volumes 2 and 3 and sin

  • Alice

    Download Book Ð デュラララ×4 Paperback デュラララ×4If someone asked me what Durarara was about and I shared these lines You are the most depressed dominatrix I've ever seen and With great pleasure and just a touch of hatred drunk on himself and with a note of self reassurance Izaya said 'Holiday's over motherfucker'It wouldn't even begin to describe half of the mind bending beauty that is Durarara Narita brings so many threads together that it's almost supernatural I just can't get enough of this series

  • Randi Kennedy

    Download Book Ð デュラララ×4 Paperback デュラララ×4Seemed like a filler book although several new characters were introduced Fun all the same

  • Barrett

    Download Book Ð デュラララ×4 Paperback デュラララ×4The vivacious city of Ikebukuro is said to be taking a little breather for this volume A holiday of Ikebukuro in which the city toys with every single particle every single human being or non human being that composes it Shizuo Celty Mikado some new characters like Egor and the Orihara sisters they all get stuck up in a devious loop of nonsense which sounds and affirms anything but logic but yes this is Ikebukuro for you Ikebukuro's commonplaceness defies our sense of normalityFunny as it is the puppet master that directs and coordinates every movement of Ikebukuro itself Izaya Orihara does not seem to have engaged in any activities whatsoever Sounds weird huh? But that's true It seems when the body stops short for a little break instinctively o

  • Ricardo Matos

    Download Book Ð デュラララ×4 Paperback デュラララ×4The book feels like an introductiory book for all the amazing new characters there are about 7 that take the main stage which is pretty amazing considering it's a 200 pager Add on top of that some development of the old characters and you're bound for another amazing entry in the Durarara showThe storytelling is really great with jumps ahead and back inbetween different timecharacter's points of view making for a Pulp Fiction like experience And when it all comes together in the end it'll make you go WOWI feel conflicted about Durarara's classification as light novel the positive is that it enriches the genre like no other series does; the negative is that not as many people will pick it up because it is a light novel So just read it

  • Camy

    Download Book Ð デュラララ×4 Paperback デュラララ×4The book is written in scenes and vignettes out of chronological seuence which actually made it interesting but also confusing on the first read As with all the other books I'm like a broken record this book got even better after I reread it The author introduced the new characters in a fresh and interesting way that enabled them to take part in the story without hijacking it and I really liked how all the threads came together at the end

  • victoria - lost in fiction

    Download Book Ð デュラララ×4 Paperback デュラララ×4Durarara #4 45 Stars765 AMAZING i love this series so muchThe mind of Ryohgo how can someone create such an interwoven story and present it so seamlessly I love this world and these characters It is also such a good feeling to understand everything for once^^ don't get me wrong I LOVE durarara season 2 but damn was i lost at times reading it it is simply so much easier to know who's who and what's going onCannot wait to continue

  • Johanna

    Download Book Ð デュラララ×4 Paperback デュラララ×4I really enjoy Ruri and Izayas incest sisters that is the second weird incest couple in DRRR and that scene at the end where everyone was standing under that bridge was just so confusing for me I had to reread it to understand who was there for what reason